Do It Afraid

Everything you want is on the other side of fear ~Jack Canfield

I remember years ago I was leading a “Reach for the Stars” Mastermind with my clients to help them get clear about aligning with their Life Purpose.   

I made a huge leap in implementing my own Life Purpose and made a decision to offer a Platinum LevelBeautiful young woman jumping on a beach at sunset Mastermind to this same group.   The focus of this group was to actually implement their Life Purpose – which meant launching websites, quitting jobs, going back to school etc. You know, not just talking about your Life Purpose but actually doing it. With the upleveling of the group the price of the group went up by 1000’s of dollars, which meant their commitment level  to implement was very high.

I had been doing deep, transformational work with Clients in my Holistic Psychotherapy practice for many years, but nothing prepared me for the depth of fear that surfaced for these Clients during the Program.

I realized from this experience that what keeps SO many people from finding and truly living their Life Purpose is layers of deep fear that get activated as they move towards their Life Purpose.

Fears of:

  1. Not being good enough
  2. Failing
  3. Being Visible and being judged
  4. The discomfort of being a beginner
  5. Making a mistake
  6. Not being perfect
  7. That you don’t have what it takes
  8. Not being ready
  9. Being called a fraud
  10. Being ostracized
  11. Being rejected

Each of these fears can stop someone dead in their tracks as they move towards their Life Purpose.

What I learned from Coaching all of these Clients and my own experiences of working through fear is that one of the most powerful strategies is to:

                            Do It Afraid

-Go to that networking meeting, even though you are afraid

-Call that potential client, even though you are afraid

-Write your web pages, even though you are afraid

-Lead your first Tele-Class, even though you are afraid

-Shoot your first Video, even though you are afraid

-Give your first presentation, even though you are afraid

-Write that article, even though you are afraid

-Lead your first Telesummit, even though you are afraid

What helps you move through the fear is to actually do these things, despite the fear.

How I first learned this was in my own process of growing my Holistic Psychotherapy practice. I remember:

-Taking a Coaching Program 3 times to help with my website because I had so much fear I was working through. The key is I kept going and did not let the fear stop me. I ended up with a Client Attractive website that to this day still attracts Ideal Clients every week, even though I no longer accept new Clients.

-I remember being afraid to write my first articles for the local Holistic publication. I was so fearful, I would procrastinate and wait to the final hour to write and submit the article. The key was I submitted an article every issue for years and it had a HUGE impact on skyrocketing my Holistic Practice.

-I can still remember the terror I felt at leading my first Tele-Class. I was shaky and nauseous during the day. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through without passing out! Despite the fear I did monthly Tele-Classes for years, developed the Tele-Classes into products that helped 100’s of people and brought in 1000’s of dollars of income. Tele-Classes became one of the most Joyful things I did (and still do J)

Like the Jack Canfield quote says “Everything you want is on the other side of fear!” so see if you can practice “Doing it afraid”.

Get used to the feeling the fear in your body and instead of stopping you, let it propel you forward into the full manifestation of your Life Purpose.

What action are you going to now take, despite your fear? I would love to hear what you are going to “Do Afraid”!


4 Responses to Do It Afraid
  1. Martha Tassinari
    May 10, 2014 | 8:23 pm

    Great article Shelley and this really spoke to me!
    I can relate totally to the fears you spoke if and the procrastination
    My action steps are to be consistent with my ezine and
    To complete my rebranding and rewriting of my
    Website and be more visible!

  2. Rebecca
    March 14, 2015 | 4:26 am

    This is such a good article and so timely for me. I’ve realised I’ve been paralysed into inaction through fear of all the things you mentioned. Now I’m embracing the fear and doing it afraid so as to at least be doing it. Fear of making the wrong decision has also kept me stuck but an awareness of no decision is actually the only wrong decision helps me move forward! Thanks for this.

  3. Elena Parsons
    March 16, 2015 | 3:59 pm

    Shelley, I can’t even imagine you feeling afraid when I watch how you present yourself in your webinars and videos. You seem so relaxed, energetic, compassionate and empathic. As you were expressing your past fears, which actually echo everything I feel fearful about in developing my online counseling practice; getting out in the community to make presentations, making videos, even reaching out to volunteer at facilities to assist patients with their healing process. It scares me to death and so I never seem to get to the actual process of developing each of these pieces essential to starting my own practice.

    I have posted the Jack Canfield quote: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear!” where I can see it every day. I will create my elevator speech to contact the facility I want to volunteer at to help cancer patients. I will either call or stop by to introduce myself and inquire who I could speak with about my interest in assisting.

    Thank you for sharing about you which helped me.

  4. Mary Elliott
    January 12, 2016 | 9:25 pm

    It helps so much to hear your process, Shelley. You seem so calm and relaxed in what you are doing that it is relieving to know about your fears. After the holidays, I hit crippling fear. I am just starting to come out of paralysis. I am blogging while I am afraid, I am writing my free report while I am afraid, I am planning my first solo teleclass while I am afraid, and I am working on my website while I am afraid. When I am not afraid, my inspiration flows, so I often question doing things when I am afraid.

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