Your #1 Asset in Growing Your Holistic Business

I was talking with a client on Skype yesterday and before we got off the phone she shared with me “I really love how you market your business, what you put in your emails etc.  It feels so good and is a model for how I want to do things in my own business”.  We talked some more about it because I have had other people share this with me over the last few months.  She said she really felt how much I cared and it came through in the emails and the other marketing I was doing.  I shared with her how I wanted people to feel cared about by me even if they never signed up for any of my programs etc.

After the call I began to reflect on this.  I remember watching Oprah a few months ago on her OWN network and she made a comment that moved me to tears she said “My heart is my brand”.  I remember thinking when she said that “Yes—that is my brand too.”

With the big acceleration and upleveling happening on the Planet we are all making the shift more powerfully from our heads to our hearts.  I remember years ago when I was in training from my mentors in transformational healing and I saw how they LOVED their clients—really loved them.  I remember my breathwork teacher saying that as you were sitting with your client and they were breathing that your main intention above all else was to love them!  This was quite a surprise for me because I didn’t recall the class on loving my clients when I was in my traditional graduate school programJ  It was a relief to see this and it was like my heart was finally given permission to do what it most wanted to do—and that was to love.

I believe this principle of loving your clients and potential clients is essential when you are promoting and marketing your Holistic Business.  It is giving yourself permission to let the love in your heart come through all of your Marketing.  It will feel wonderful for you and it will feel amazing for the people who are reading your emails, coming to your web-site, hearing you speak etc.

5  Tips to bring more of your Heart into your Marketing

  1. Before you write any email make a conscious shift from your head to your heart.  Feel the love in your heart and how it wants to be expressed and come through your email.
  2. Let yourself be VERY passionate about your programs, services, workshops and products.  Believe in them from the bottom of your heart AND let go of the outcome of any of your promotions and campaigns.  This will release any energy of desperation and control that people will definitely be able to sense.
  3. Frame all of your Marketing as an act of Love.  So often Holistic Business owners associate promotion and marketing with “icky” energy marketing that can be so prevalent.  They turn away from marketing altogether which stops them from growing their business at all.  Know that your marketing is going to feel very different to people and you can release the fear that they may perceive you in the “icky” energy marketing category.
  4. Keep connecting with the larger Mission of your Business.  The Mission for your business comes from your heart.  Keep focused on this as the central part of all of your Marketing efforts.  Example: Your aren’t trying to fill a program—you are attracting those that need the transformation you are offering right now.  When you allow the passion of your Mission/Your heart to lead the way you will attract the most amazing, wonderful ideal clients into your business.
  5. Send out a call from your Heart to your Ideal Clients.  When I launch a new program one of the first things I do is a visualization where I extend the love in my heart out into the Universe to connect with the heart of the people that are divinely meant to be a part of the Program.  It feels wonderful and it sets the stage for magical things to unfold in your Holistic Business!

I would LOVE to hear which of these tips you are going to implement to grow your Business.

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  1. Eileen
    January 11, 2014 | 9:15 am

    Love It 🙂

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