Secret Messages of Food Cravings

Did you realize that oftentimes your food cravings are an attempt to deal with emotions that you are avoiding?

Here are some of the common cravings and the emotions that are behind them:

Chocolate candy bars – You desire stimulation, or feel deprived of love.

Crunchy, high fat foods – You feel empty because of frustration and anger.

Spicy foods topped with dairy products – You feel depressed because life seems dull.

Dairy products – You feel depressed or unloved; you desire nurturing and comfort ?

Baked goods, pastries -You feel tense and need to relax.You may also feel that your life is empty.

Soda (diet or regular) – You feel overwhelmed by work or chores: you want to have more energy 

-Taken from Losing Your Pounds of Pain by Doreen Virtue

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