5 Top Social Media Mistakes Holistic Business Owners Make


One of the best ways to connect with potential ideal clients is through Social Media.  Unfortunately many Holistic Business owners are making these common mistakes that prevent them from maximizing the potential of Social Media to build their Holistic Business. In the early days of Twitter I jumped in and began using it to build my Holistic Psychotherapy practice.  It quickly became my number one traffic source to my web-site AND was a big source of filling my Tele-classes.

Here are the 5 Top Mistakes I see Holistic Business Owners making with their Social Media

#1.You aren’t using Social Media at all to build your business.  You may have a personal  Facebook page that you use for your personal life but you aren’t using Facebook or the other Social Media platforms to build your business.

Solution:  Make sure to begin using Social Media today to take advantage of the amazing business building potential it has.  Begin with one social media platform and then begin to move on to the others

#2. Not having a business page but promoting your Holistic Business through your personal page.  This is one of the biggest mistakes I see Holistic Business Owners make is they don’t have a page for their business and they do all their promotions on their personal page.  This is a big no-no and can get your personal page taken down.

Solution: Create your business page for your business and operate your business building activities from there.

#3.  You are only using one Social Media Platform to build your Holistic Business.  You may only be using Facebook and you are not using Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+.  There are different audiences on each platform and you are missing out on all of the potential if you just limit yourself to one or two platforms. Plus many of the platforms can be used together, which can be very powerful.  For example you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your Facebook Fan page.

Solution: Pick one other Social Media Platform and begin to learn about it and use it.

#4. You aren’t actually connecting and engaging with people on the Social Media platforms but just posting promotions for your Tele-Classes, Programs or Services. This again will do the exact opposite of what you are hoping for and will instead turn people off.  You then will wonder why your Social Media efforts are “not working”.

Solution: Plan on connecting, sharing and engaging as being 90% or your activities on Social Media and only 10% will be promotion.  This will be much, much more productive for you in building your business than the only posting promotions of your business approach.

#5. You aren’t spending enough time on Social Media to make it be productive for you in your business.  I often hear my new clients say they have done “a few things” on Social media and then say “and it didn’t work for helping my business.”  It was because they didn’t dig in, commit to it and take the time to learn how to use it effectively.   PLUS they didn’t take enough time on the platforms to really engage and connect with people (which is what Social Media is all about).

Solution: Commit time and energy into learning Social Media AND take the time to really engage with people on the Social Media platforms you are using.

I would love to hear what changes you are going to make with your Social Media activities to build your Holistic business?

One Response to 5 Top Social Media Mistakes Holistic Business Owners Make
  1. Nancy Lake
    September 6, 2013 | 5:32 pm

    I am doing much more engaging media out reach on Face Book and Linked In. But I don’t seem to relate to Twitter. I might need to explore it more. Thank you for your insights. It seems like I am open now to exploring all the different formats.

    By the way, love the photo of you with the flamingos

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