3 Ways to Boost Cash Flow Today

One of the key areas I work on when I am coaching my clients is Cash Flow. There are 3 different areas I work on with Cash Flow. They are:

Casual woman with money#1. Identify Cash Flow Leaks–Where is money going out of your business that are unnecessary drains on your business?
#2. Identify Big Long-term Cash Flow Opportunities–What are the programs, services or products that are the most productive with creating Cash Flow that need to be focused on and developed?
#3. Identify Current Cash Flow Opportunities–What are the current opportunities to create quick inflows of money into your business that can be accessed now or anytime in the future as needed?

In today’s article I will focus on #3. Identify Current Cash Flow Opportunities. It is important to know ways that you can generate cash on demand in your business. To be a successful Holistic Entrepreneur you need to be mindful of how much money you are generating in your business each and every month.  You also need to know your expenses.

When you set your “stretch” income goal to help you to take leaps in your Holistic Business you need to be adept at being able to see and act on ALL of the opportunities to generate money in your business. Many of them are right underneath your nose.

I find that many Holistic Entrepreneurs have a resistance to focusing so closely on the money in their business because of many, many reasons that I won’t go into in this article. (It’s a whole other story).  This resistance to focus on money can lead to money issues, including lack of enough Cash Flow.

Here are three great short-term Cash Flow ideas that you can begin to act on in your own business to generate Cash Flow. Once you implement these and have success you will gain confidence in your ability to generate cash in your business any time you would like.  How cool is that 🙂
1.    Create a list of past clients and people who have expressed interest in working with you.  From this list prioritize which of these people would be most likely to say “Yes” to working with you.  From this list pick up the phone and call one of these people every day for the next week.  When you call them just check in and see how they are doing.  Oftentimes you just calling will be the catalyst they need to say “I’m so glad you called—I was wanting to schedule with you but I have been so busy.”
2.    What is a past Workshop or Program that you have given that you had gotten a great response that you can do again?  Do a program that has a proven track record that you know people still have a strong interest in and get out your calendar—schedule it and begin announcing it.  Again, you may need to pick up the phone and personally invite people.  For me oftentimes my Spiritual Guidance will flash the faces of the people I am meant to personally invite in my mind as a signal to call them.  It never fails when I call them they say “I can’t believe you are calling me, this is perfect timing.”
3.    Create a Day-long Virtual or In-Person VIP Transformational Intensive. Create a day long (6 hours max) personal transformation intensive focused on a specific result i.e. Relationship Breakthrough, Self-Love Breakthrough, Life Purpose Breakthrough.  This is a day that you structure with bringing all the gifts you use in your healing work to create a powerful day of transformation.  I have had clients price these days between $697-$1997 when they are starting out.  There are 20% of your clients who are looking for this kind of premium, exclusive, transformational experience with you.  So offering this kind of service is something these clients have been waiting for!

BONUS way to Boost Cash Flow:x

Have a Sale of your Products (CD’s, Home Study Kits, Information Products)– This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate cash flow in your business. You can pick a special theme around your sale to make it exciting as you announce it.  I treat my sales as celebrations and gifts back to my clients and love having these.
I would love to hear which of these Cash Flow strategies you are going to implement in your business today 🙂 Or if you have one of your favorite strategies you would love to share.

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