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We recently did a GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Level 3 Certification Training where one of the Training Modules was Breathwork. Here is some feedback from some of the students about their direct experience of their Breathwork Sessions during the training. We will be using Breathwork as one of the powerful Holistic Methods during our upcoming Life Breakthrough Workshop: 


“I was totally blown away by the Breathwork sessions I experienced. I could literally feel the inner shift as my heart opened to accept some things I’d known about myself in my head, but hadn’t before quite believed in my heart. The conditioned beliefs that were released had stood in my way for decades, blocking me from stepping into the fullest expression of myself. I held back, personally and professionally. Not any more! I feel more confident, more accepting of myself, more willing to stand in my own shoes and present myself and my work to the world. I feel like a huge weight was removed and I am now ready to fly!”~K.W.


“I have done several breathwork sessions with the intention to release blocks that are hindering me in developing the holistic business I am envisioning and the results have been miraculous! In the early sessions my body was releasing a tremendous amount of fear – no wonder I often felt paralyzed in moving forward.


But after that was cleared I felt much lighter and the thought of standing in front of people and giving presentations no longer petrifies me! Once the fear was released, my breathwork sessions gave me amazing visceral experiences of my own spirit and the loving support around me, which has helped me to embrace my soul’s mission and approach my business from my soul’s perspective.


Now I KNOW and FEEL that I need to let my beautiful spirit shine through my work and help others connect with their beautiful spirits. The most beneficial aspect of breathwork is that the effects are felt in your entire body and the changes are permanent. Once you release the fear you are able to move forward and once you feel the beauty of your own spirit you are always able to connect with it and bring it into everything you do.” ~S.N.

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