GAHP Holistic Entrepreneur Spotlight: Maggie Chula

Before I started working with Shelley I wasworking very hard but not making much progress bringing my Life Mission into focus.  I had 4 web-sites and was a bit scattered and confused as to how to pull all of my work together in a cohesive, focused voice with a web-site that reflected my new direction.  I joined Shelley’s 90 Day Holistic Biz Coaching Program, which helped me begin to hone in on my Ideal Client, the focus of my business and really look at the deeper ways I was holding myself back with my services, classes and pricing. 


I knew from working in that Program that I wanted to Coach with Shelley in her Holistic Leader Program.  I spoke with her and found out the details for the Program.  When she shared the investment amount for the Program I took a big gulp because it was a BIG stretch for me to pay~ but I knew she was the right person to help me get to where I wanted to go with my Business.


Once I started the Program I was on the fast track.  

  • Shelley helped me get super clear that my Ideal Clients were Spiritual Leaders and Visionaries. 
  • We came up with amazing Branding that reflects exactly who I am and how I can serve my Life Mission.
  • I worked with her web-team and Shelley to design a gorgeous web-site.
  • We mapped out a Certification Training Program for a body of work that is very powerful. 

I was able to recently launch my Web-site and announce my Certification Program:)


What has happened since than has been truly magical.  I have signed on 6 of my Ideal Clients and I expect there will be many more.  The icing on the cake was a woman whom I met at an expo I recently participated in. She sent me an email letting me know she wants to talk about whether she would be a good candidate for my certification training and believe me she would be!!  All of this has happened in only 4 months of working with Shelley.  I know this is just the beginning and I feel truly blessed that the impact I wanted to make when I came to the Planet is finally happening!!


My heart is so full of happiness and joy I feel truly blessed. I thank Shelley for coming into my life and sharing her loving spirit with me. I know I could not have done this without her.  I want to share my joy with others at what a wonderful marketing, business, holistic psychotherapist Shelley is.   Thank you so much Shelley 🙂 


~Maggie Chula- Spiritual Healer & Teacher 


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