Heeding The Call of Your Spirit

I was with my family for the Holidays. It was the first Christmas without my Dad and I really missed his sweet physical presence. (Here I am with my Sisters) My Sisters and I went into his closet and were smelling his clothes to try to get a whiff of his scent to feel that connection with him. That transition from him being with us in physical form–to being with us in pure Spirit has been quite life transforming for me.

Having this experience over the weekend on the heels of what happened in Connecticut touched me at such a deep level. It highlighted even more the preciousness of life and our connections with one another and what kind of world we are co-creating. I also reflected on the bigger Spiritual unfolding of what happened in Connecticut. I know for me it fueled the fire of my passion to support all of you to share your Spiritual Gifts in a world that so desperately needs your unique gifts, there is no time for holding back and getting sidetracked.

The magical December 21, 2012 date! We are in such a BIG shift and the possibilities are now wide open. I have been asked lately “Shelley what is your take on what is happening on 12-21-12?” For me it feels like a continuation of a wave of powerful energy that is moving everything forward at such an accelerated pace. Haven’t you been feeling this for awhile? I heard someone refer to the date 12-21-12 as a date that represents a window of possibility for an evolutionary leap now how amazing is that!! It is important to take time over the next few days to reflect and set your intentions for what kind of world do you want to be co-creating in the upcoming year.

You heeding the call of your Spirit and stepping courageously forward is what opens the door for the best kinds of evolutionary leaps we could imagine.

Wishing You, Your Family and Friends a Magical Holiday Season filled to the brim with Love, Appreciation and Joy!

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