Big Shine Workshop is Almost Here!

WOW we are 6 weeks away our BIG Shine Workshop!! I have been working on what I will be teaching during the 3 powerful days that I will be with the Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners from all over the U.S who are joining us here in Milwaukee, WI.

As I have been preparing for the Workshop I was reflecting back on the first big Workshop I led in the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching, which was 6 years ago. I worked through SO much fear leading up to that Workshop. There were so many layers of fear surfaced that I had NO idea were even there. It was very intense but overall I was grateful to have all of those fears come up to be healed and released so I no longer needed to be held back by them anymore!

This time I have had some slight fears come up to release, but overall I have been feeling an immense amount of JOY! That is what is on the side of our fears if we have the willingness to face them directly and walk through them, rather than running away.

This past week I took a break with my Sweetie and went to visit his family. He took me down by a river that he used to spend a lot of time at as a child. The weather was beautiful and the place was truly magical. I am SO grateful for the beauty of nature.

I recommend this article, “The #1 Thing You Need to Move Through Your Blocks to Build Your Holistic Business.” In this article I talk about the resistance that keeps you stuck in your fears rather than moving through them into Joy and expansion. Enjoy!

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