How to Raise Your Fees- Part One

For the longest time in my practice I avoided the issue of raising my fees like the plague. Like many heart centered practitioners I LOVED what I was doing so much that I felt like asking for more money was asking for too much.

I also was avoiding all the fears that got stirred up in me when I contemplated raising my fees. Things like:

• What if my clients get upset and leave when I raise my fee
• What if my clients think I’m greedy and all I care about is the money (which was the farthest from the truth)
• What if I get in trouble (I’m not sure by who—but that is what it felt like—I would get in trouble! Don’t you love how crazy our fears can be at times)
• What if the new clients that called said ‘No’ to the new fee
• What if the value of what I’m giving my clients doesn’t match my new fee
• What if raising my fee caused my practice to collapse – again another very rational thought
And another 100 fears that I couldn’t even put into words. As I began to do my own inner healing around money I began to look at raising my fees in a much different way.

Here is what I learned:
I learned that the work I do is worth SO much more than I was thinking. How could you truly put a price on helping someone see the beauty of their Soul for the first time? Or heal a trauma that held them back from deeply connecting with people they loved? To navigate challenges in such a way that they not only survived but THRIVED? These powerful ways that you and I help people are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Seeing the TRUE value of what I did helped me confidently raise my fees to be in alignment with that value.
I learned that I wanted to work with clients who put such a high value on their healing that they were willing to pay for it and pay handsomely for it. It reflected their own love of themselves and willingness to invest in themselves at a deep level. In my own life my top expenditures are my own personal growth and business growth—I’m committed to the full manifestation of my potential and my checkbook reflects this. I love working with clients who are doing the same.
When clients invest at a higher level they step up at a higher level. It brings out the best in them and it brings out the best in me. They do their homework they, they take the courageous actions to create change, they put their heart into their healing. My clients ended up getting better results. Because of this—what would take years to heal is able to be healed at a much more accelerated pace. My clients ended up getting better results. Imagine that!
When I became comfortable with my new fee my clients were comfortable with the new fee. Any challenges or discomfort in my clients was more of a reflection of my own discomfort being mirrored back to me.
I began to attract a higher caliber of clients when I went to my new fee. Clients who were motivated, committed, spiritual and who were interested in “going for it” with their growth. The vibrational shift that I had to make to get comfortable with the higher fee helped me to attract clients who were at that same level. It also was a catalyst for my current clients to bump up to the next level as well:)

***One area I have seen Holistic Practitioners struggle with their fees is they try to raise their fees when they themselves aren’t willing to invest at a high level in themselves in either their personal growth or in getting business coaching for their Holistic Business.  They aren’t in energetic alignment to attract clients who are willing to invest in themselves at a high level.  This is one area where I have not struggled (I have always been wiling to invest in myself at a high level) but I see many Holistic Practitioners getting stuck with this one in particular.

Overall raising my fees was a push for me to grow internally and follow the calling of my Spirit to the next level of expansion. In the next issue of Thrive I will go over a step by step process to take to raise your fees. Until then pick your new fee for your services and begin to get comfortable with it because in the next issue I am going to ask you to take action and RAISE YOUR FEES!

I would love to hear your feelings and thoughts about raising your fee! Please post below.

One Response to How to Raise Your Fees- Part One
  1. Frances
    December 11, 2012 | 10:19 am

    Hi Shelley!
    I’ve been called for a while now to raise my prices as well. I’ve dealt with all those fears you mentioned, and let me tell you, it’s very liberating once you get past them (as you did).
    I’m restructuring my site at the moment and plan on raising my fees and develop a package, instead of my one-off intuitive readings (I’m an intuitive reader with a focus on moms and their spirituality).

    Can’t wait to read part II on this subject!

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