Do You Need to Find a Pocket of Possibility?

With this love and support surrounding you, it is much easier to step out of the nest of what is known into the flight of what is possible.” ~Shelley

Happy business people laughing against white backgroundAre you feeling stuck with not being able to create what you want in your business or life? What you may need is to find yourself a pocket of Possibility.

I am just returning from back to back meetings. One 2 day meeting was leading a high level Platinum group meeting for the members of the Divine Platinum Program and then I was at a 2 day meeting where I was a participant of a high level Platinum program.

These meetings are designed to stretch each person to get beyond their limited thinking into the highest Vision of possibility that is available to them. These environments are such a key to success that not only do I lead these groups for my clients but I also am a participant in them on an on-going basis too.

I call these groups “Pockets of Possibility”—spaces in your life that help you expand into who and what you came here to be and do.

These kinds of groups are essential if you want to get out of feeling stuck and move quickly into your dreams. Here is why:

1.  When groups are gathered together with a specific intention to expand possibilities and bust through limits there is a divine unfolding that supports this intention. You never know what will happen in this space but it ALWAYS will be amazing and support everyone in the group to move forward in powerful ways.


2. Because these groups require a high level of investment of time, energy and m.oney they are filled with people who are highly motivated and ready for change.


3. These groups are usually filled with people who have a pattern of busting through limitations and are already creating what is extraordinary to most people –therefore they inspire the others in the group to begin to do the same. I am always in awe of what is possible for each of us when we get enough support.


4. The upper limits in the groups tend to go up very quickly. We all have upper limits of the highest level of joy, freedom, peace, fulfillment, satisfaction and abundance we allow ourselves to experience. In these groups you feel the upper limit going up with each person’s success– because what is possible for that one person is also possible for everyone else in the group.


5. The group members are able to see higher possibilities for each person than they are able to see for themselves.  Once the group mirrors back to the person the higher possibility the person says “Wow you really see that for me—that is beyond what I have even thought of—but it excites me and if you believe I can do it—I can do it.”


6. The group offers love, support and believing eyes. When we step into our highest Vision we can feel vulnerable and tentative—like a baby chick learning to fly. With this love and support surrounding you it is much easier to step out of the nest of what is known into the flight of what is possible.


7.  Typically the kind of support you find in these groups is not the typical support you find in your day to day life.  Oftentimes when you are a Visionary what you are wanting to do doesn’t quite make sense to those you love or hang out with. Not that they don’t love you—they just don’t understand. It is essential to find a group that “gets you” and says “Go for it” when you are sharing about your dreams.

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