5 Ways the Universe is on Your Side

“The Divine, the Universe is on your side, wanting you to express your greatness full out—expressing your Love, your Creativity, and your Joy. Release your greatness now “ ~Shelley Riutta

As you are growing your Holistic Business it is like giving birth to your spiritual baby, which is your Divine Purpose. Through the process of birthing you can go through SO much growth and expansion. It is breathtaking when you really commit to the process what gets to happen as you step into the fullness of your Divine Purpose. After going through my own spiritual birthing process I began to recognize the stages and steps one goes through in this process.

What can help tremendously with this process is to understand all the different ways the Divine, the Universe, is truly on your side.

#1. The Universe wants you to shed the skin of your current beliefs so you can expand to the beliefs of your next level.

What happens when you go through to a new level of growth in your Holistic Business you go through a shedding of limiting beliefs and fears that need to be released so you can expand. It is like shedding a skin. When this is happening it can be tumultuous and scary. One way these beliefs get shed is through challenging experiences which flush these limiting beliefs to the surface to be examined and released. There can be confusion and you may ask “Why are all of these challenges happening right now”. If you can understand the deeper process that is going on, it can make the process SO much easier.

Affirm: I trust the process of shedding my old beliefs and fears and I embrace the beautiful expansion that comes from this process

#2. In your darkest hour the brightest light shines through.

In the spiritual birthing process of your next level what you have clung to to for your security can be stripped away. Suddenly these supports are no longer available. This can feel very lonely and like the Dark Night of the Soul. In these Dark Nights of the Soul that can happen as you progress, see if you can open yourself to the spiritual love and support that is walking right with you through the process. Recently I was going through one of my dark moments of upleveling and release. I texted my little Sister for support and she picked an Angel card for me and texted me the picture of the card. It was Spirit coming through to me through her and the card was SO right on and helpful. It was funny because it was a deck I had given her when she was in High School.

Affirm: I trust that as my outer forms of security get stripped away what emerges is an even stronger connection to my spiritual connection. This strengthens me for my next level in my Holistic Business.

#3. Spiritual Gifts you have begin to get pulled forward as you face the challenges of your expansion.

Spiritual gifts that had been hidden begin to emerge as you face the challenges of your upleveling. Examples: You didn’t realize you could handle SO many changes all at once, yet here you are much stronger than you thought and you are handling it all. You get to the end of your tolerance for the lack of support from your team and you raise your standards, letting go of the support that isn’t in alignment with where you are going.

Affirm: I notice the Spiritual Gifts that emerge during my spiritual expansion and I express gratitude that these gifts are finally getting unearthed, so they can be fully expressed.

#4. An old pattern of yours surfaces with intensity, so it can FINALLY be released.

That old pattern that you THOUGHT you had released long ago comes forward again with an intensity that surprises you. I have found in coaching high level holistic entrepreneurs that when they set their sights on aligning fully with their Divine Purpose they must release old, limiting patterns that do not fit with the level they are going to. It is like climbing a mountain and the higher the altitude the lighter your bags must be to make it possible to go higher and higher.

Affirm: I release and let go of my limiting patterns and trust that by doing this I will go to higher levels of my Divine purpose with more ease and joy.

#5. The passion for your Divine Purpose will carry you through to your final destination.

The more you tune into the “Big Why” of your Divine Purpose, the more strength and energy you will get that will pull you through any of the challenges of your upleveling. Your “Big Why” of why you are doing what you are doing should be big enough and inspiring enough to allow you to move mountains. In the face of your challenges your “Big Why” should tower over them with such magnificence and immensity that suddenly the challenges appear to be blips on the radar and can be easily addressed.

Affirm: The “Big Why” of my Divine Purpose is much bigger and expansive than all of my challenges put together. With that knowledge I can successfully navigate anything that comes my way as I expand to the next level in my Holistic Business.

And finally the most important message that the Divine is on your Side is one of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer “If you knew who walked besides you, you would never be afraid.” Sending you much love and blessings as you courageously step into fulfilling your beautiful Divine Purpose!

6 Responses to 5 Ways the Universe is on Your Side
  1. Betsy
    September 6, 2017 | 1:59 pm

    Shelley, this is a beautiful blog and so timely for me! I can’t even pick one of these that spoke more to me, but I know the affirmations will be a part of my daily routine now. I am going to print this off and reread it often to remind me that I don’t need to be afraid, for I am not ever walking alone!!! I’m glad “my bags are getting lighter” as I reach for serving my mission on higher levels! Thank you for being who you are and shining your light, Shelley!!

  2. Lynn Schuster
    September 6, 2017 | 3:45 pm

    Thank you for this great blog post Shelley! I feel so much better after reading it! I am being reminded about how far I have come and how I have released soooo many old patterns. I love #2 – “In your darkest hour your brightest light shines through”. This statement is so true for me. It reminds me that I’ve got this, no matter what, I can not fail at my Life Purpose! It’s what I was born to do!

  3. Tina Games
    September 6, 2017 | 7:48 pm

    This is a perfect message for me today – and exactly what I needed to hear! ~ I’m pushing through to the next evolution of me – and boy, is it getting intense! Changes and old patterns are coming at me, fast and furiously – and it’s leaving me breathless and exhausted. But I keep moving forward! ~ The quote you shared from Wayne Dyer, “If you knew who walked beside you, you would never be afraid” – makes me smile! 🙂

  4. Josee
    September 7, 2017 | 12:49 pm

    I love this post, so insightful and true. Steps 1 and 4 resonate the most for me in my expansion in the past year. I love your metaphor of climbing the mountain. I truly appreciate all your guidance going through this experience and for being a role model for all of us.


  5. Theresa
    September 7, 2017 | 5:01 pm

    I have been experiencing the Divine on my side and it makes life so much easier and joyful!

  6. Shirley
    September 21, 2017 | 12:18 pm

    Shelley…..This is just what I need to hear today! Thanks so much for this,

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