5 Positive Intentions to Catapult Your Practice

“When you play it safe, the only thing you learn is how to live within the limit of your own fear.” David Neagle

Are you as excited for the upcoming year as I am? There is an energy of acceleration and dynamic energy that is present right now that you can tap into to propel yourself forward. The time is now to really tune into your deepest self and bring forward those creative ideas and take action on them.

Here are some positive intentions that will make a BIG difference in developing your Practice this Year:

1. Get specific about your Intentions for the year. What new programs do you want to start? What information product? How much income do you want to make this year? What Workshops do you want to conduct? How many people do you want to add to your email list?

The more specific you are the more focused and successful you will be. When we aren’t clear and focused we are very vulnerable to getting scattered and wasting time. The more specific you are the more focused and successful you will be.

2. What new habits need to be in place to reach your Intentions for the year? Write these down. Examples: I keep my office neat and clean at all times, I practice Yoga 3 times a week, I identify my top 3 priorities for the day and don’t work on anything else until these are complete, I eliminate time drains (list and eliminate one a week), I keep my energy level high and positive (develop a specific plan how to do this), I get a massage every other week etc.

3. Feed Your Spirit. What things nourish and inspire your Soul? Do you love to dance, hike, ski, swim, paint, write, cook, play with friends or travel? List the things that feed your Spirit and make sure your life is filled with doing these things. In order for you to create amazing things in your practice your Soul needs to be nourished and inspired on a regular basis. Make a plan for this and watch your Practice joyfully blossom 🙂

4. Create more Support and Accountability. So often we don’t have enough support around us when we are wanting to take leaps in our business. We play the lone ranger and then get frustrated that we aren’t getting the results we want. Are you in a Coaching/Platinum/Mastermind Group that is holding you to a high level of accountability and giving you the level of support you need to leap? If not— why not? Look deeper at the reason you aren’t getting the support you need—it is very often a very subtle form of sabotage.

5. Be Bold and Step Out. So often we have limiting patterns that hold ourselves back from creating what our Spirit is truly wanting to create—and what would really serve our clients. We water things down and put a cap on what is truly possible. Because of this, I encourage my clients to step out when they plan and take bold leaps—so much that they feel a bit AFRAID (this means they are stretching out of their limitations). When they do this their business expands much faster and their clients achieve much better results.

One Response to 5 Positive Intentions to Catapult Your Practice
  1. Linda Christensen, PhD
    January 8, 2012 | 9:33 pm

    Awesome tips Shelley!! Thank you. We all know this but need to be reminded, I sure do.

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