3 Ways You Are Getting in the Way of Your Biggest Dreams and Visions


“If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

As a heart-centered holistic entrepreneur you have big dreams and visions for how you want to help people. You may want to:

  • Expand Your Practice
  • Begin to Practice in a different way (more holistically)
  • Leave your job to start your business that is aligned with your Passions
  • Write a Book
  • Start leading Workshops
  • Expand the Workshops you have been leading
  • Begin to give presentations to different groups
  • Expand your presentations and begin to do Key-note speeches
  • Create an information product with information you normally share 1:1 with people
  • Create an audio-cd of your guided imageries or audio presentations on topics that would help your clients
  • Transition to working more with groups than working 1:1 with people
  • Lead personal growth trips to exotic places

You may be working towards your dreams and visions or you haven’t gotten started yet. Here are some ways that you unknowingly may be getting in your way of manifesting your highest Vision.

1. You don’t let yourself dream as big as your Spirit is wanting you to dream. When I first start coaching my clients, the number one stumbling block they have is that they don’t see the full potential of what they are truly capable of doing. Whatever your dreams and visions are, I want to encourage you to stretch them bigger and more expansive than you ever have before. We are in a time of accelerated expansion and your special gifts are needed on the planet more than ever.

TIP: Ask your if anything were possible—what would my dream be?

2. You are pushing the dream too far into the future. It sounds like this: “Someday I will conduct that Workshop but I am too busy now,” or “this is happening so I can’t (some external event)” or “I’m not ready yet”. If you are having the idea to do it—it means you are ready to do it now! I remember when I taught the first GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy Certification program a year ago– I heard my Spirit say to me in the first moments of starting the training say “You have been ready to do this for a LONG time”.

TIP: Take out your calendar and begin making plans to implement your dream now—within the next 6 months.

3. You don’t see the immense value of what you are doing clearly. One of the key blindspots people have is that they oftentimes don’t get the incredible value they are giving their clients. They minimize their gifts because they come so easily and naturally to them—thus they don’t get the full impact they are having on their clients. This can create a lack of confidence so you don’t feel like you are capable of your big dreams which creates a hesitancy in really GOING FOR IT.

TIP: Keep a “I SEE and LOVE my Gifts journal” and begin to document very clearly the value you bring to your clients with your very Spirit and your gifts. Even if you are just starting out you have probably been using your gifts already and getting positive feedback from others. Begin documenting this now.

I would love to hear which one tip you are going to do so you can get out of your way and into your dreams Please post below.

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