3 Tips to Use Twitter to Build Your Holistic Practice


How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?” – Seth Godin, Best Selling Author

We are living in remarkable times where you have the opportunity to make a huge impact with your Holistic Business — being of service to the 100’s of clients you are spiritually destined to work with.

The tools to do this are free (mostly) and at your fingertips.  One of the most powerful opportunities to get visible and connect with your Ideal Clients is through Social Media.  One of my favorite Social Media platforms is Twitter. 

I fell in love with Twitter in the early days of Twitter and used it to build my Holistic Psychotherapy Practice.  At that time many people were saying “I think this Social Media thing is a passing phase and won’t be relevant to me in building my business!”  Wow, was that ever wrong.  Look at how many businesses are using Social Media to promote themselves now!

Here is what happened for me when I consistently built my Twitter Platform:

#1. Twitter quickly became my #1 traffic source to my website

#2. I was able to fill my Tele-Classes with people all over the world from Twitter

#3. I could quickly and easily find my Ideal clients and directly connect with them in great numbers (highly leveraged)

#4. It improved the SEO ranking of my website so more of my Ideal Clients could find me

This is why I am passionate about Coaching my clients to use Twitter.  So let’s get you started using Social Media to build your Holistic Practice!

Here are 3 Tips to get Started Using Twitter

#1.  Set up your Twitter Profile.  Go to twitter.com/signup to get started.  I recommend that you set up your Twitter account as your name and not your business name.  Remember Social Media is about connecting first as a person and then 2nd as your business. 

Here are some tips for your profile:

– Make sure the Branding on your Twitter account is congruent with your website Brand. This helps people have a consistent experience of you on your website and on your Social Media platforms. Have your Logo and Brand Colors on your Twitter Page. 

– Have your bio be specific about what you do but also have information about you personally that is unique and engaging.  It could be a special interest of yours like dancing or playing tennis.  It helps to build connections on Twitter if you have something interesting in your profile to give people a jumping off point to connect with you. 

#2. Tweet information that is of interest to your Ideal Clients.  Here are some ideas:

– One of my favorites is using Inspirational quotes. When you have a Holistic Practice your Ideal Client will want to be inspired and uplifted so having quotes in your Twitter feed every day is essential. 

– Find quotes that resonate with you and your brand and that are less than 100 characters so it is easy for people to retweet them.

– Pick 100 Quotes and schedule them with a service like Hootsuite to go out every hour from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. during the day.

Tips that are relevant to the needs of your Ideal Clients.  If you are a Relationship Coach you can write short relationship tips and put this into your Twitter feed.

#3. Actively Follow and Connect with People on Twitter.  The way you build your following on Twitter is to follow other people.  That is the etiquette on Twitter when you follow others they typically they will follow you back.

– You want to find people that you feel drawn to and have some of the qualities of your Ideal Clients.  One service to use to find people to follow is www.Twellow.com.  You can search by certain keywords and even geographically to find people that are potential Ideal Clients to follow.

– You can connect and interact with people through conversations in the main feed of Twitter or you can connect through a direct message.

Here are some main ways to connect:

– Thank them if they have retweeted one of your posts

– Retweet a Tweet they have shared

– Ask them a question to get to know them

BONUS TIP: Post the link to your Blog articles to generate traffic to your website.  Make sure you have compelling titles for your Blog article that would be relevant to the needs of your Ideal Clients.  The more compelling and relevant the more traffic you will be able to drive back to your website.   This is a great way to get your website “Visible” to your Ideal Clients.

– Use a service that shortens the long URL of the Blog post to a short URL.  I love using the free service www.bitly.com.  It shortens the URL so you can post it with the Blog title in Twitter plus it also tracks how many people click on the link.  This way you can see which of your Blog posts are generating the most interest from people.  My clients use this feedback which helps them use their popular Titles for Tele-Classes, Workshops and Programs!  How cool is that.

I would love to see you start using Twitter to grow your Holistic Practice, which of these Twitter tips are you going to start with?

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  1. Top Dallas Roofers
    August 27, 2014 | 8:17 pm

    Top Dallas Roofers

    3 Tips to Use Twitter to Build Your Holistic Practice | Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

  2. Rita Kindl Myers
    August 17, 2015 | 9:28 am

    Thanks! This is great advice and I’m looking forward to using it has so much more of our lives take place online. There are opportunities waiting out there, if we know how to make use of this.

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