3 Social Media Myths – Are any of these holding your business back?

iStock_000019273540Small(2)Do you remember what it was like years ago in the early stages of having websites to market your business?  There were many, many people who delayed getting a website to market their business.  Oftentimes it was because they were “So busy” in their business they didn’t prioritize their time to create their website. They then scrambled later to “catch up” and as a consequence their business suffered.

Well the same thing is happening right now with Social Media.  Many Holistic business owners are NOT learning what they can about Social Media and even believing Myths about Social Media that will really hold back the growth of their Holistic business.

Here are the 3 Social Media Myths that will hold your Holistic Business Back:

#1. I can just hire someone to do my Social Media.  I am too busy to learn it.  I learned this one the hard way.  I hired a few people to do my Social Media and then I wondered why I wasn’t getting any results from it.  The reason why is the people I hired didn’t know my Marketing Plan and oftentimes they themselves weren’t clear about the most effective Social Media strategies. Plus I wasn’t there on the platforms and people could feel it energetically.  If you are not there, people know it and won’t respond to any of your Social Media efforts.   I finally got that I needed to learn the Social Media platforms and the most effective strategies, then how this fit in to my overall Marketing Plan.  Plus I also needed to be there “live” and really connect with people.  Social Media is all about an authentic connection with people.

Truth: You as the Holistic Business owner need to know Social Media Strategy, meaning what works on all of the different platforms and how they can all work together.  You have to have a Social Media Marketing Plan that fits into your overall Marketing Plan.  Once you have this in place you can hire support to help with the implementation of your strategy.  You MUST be on the Platforms engaging and connecting with people.  It won’t be successful unless you are.

#2. I don’t need a good web-site.  I will just keep my current web-site or have no web-site and use Social Media to promote my business.  This is one of the biggest myths. You cannot use Social Media to drive traffic to your web-site when your web-site is not branded well with a super clear and compelling marketing message.  All your Social Media efforts will be wasted when they come to your web-site and then click off your web-site right away because there isn’t a big draw for them to stay there.

Truth: Create a client attracting, compelling web-site that is designed to attract your Ideal clients like a charm.  Have a compelling free offer on your web-site that people can sign up for when they are on your web-site.  Then you can then send them a bi-weekly email newsletter that helps them get to know you and your ability to help them. When you have this set up and THEN you put your efforts into Social Media you will get amazing results with the potential clients who land on your web-site turning into paying clients!

#3. If my Social Media efforts don’t work right away then it must not work.  This is a very common myth with not only Social Media but Internet Marketing in general.  People can fall prey to the idea that on-line marketing and Social Media will open an immediate floodgate of new clients.  Here is the truth about this.

Truth: Social Media does have the capacity to open up a floodgate of “potential” new clients but you also need these other elements to convert these “potential” clients into actual clients.  Here are the key elements:

#1. Great Branding.  This is the look and feel of your Web-site.  Colors, images and the feeling people get on your web-site are the most powerful element of your web-site.  If this is not powerful and compelling for people they will not stay on your site to look at anything you have there.  This branding also needs to be present on your Twitter and Facebook platforms as well.

#2. Clarity about your Ideal Clients and what specific problems you solve for them.

#3. Compelling marketing message.  Why should they work with you?  What is compelling about you and the work you do?

#4. Social Proof that you can deliver the results you say you can.  There is nothing better than solid testimonials to give people the confidence that you can really help them.

#5. Methods to connect, nurture and convert these potential clients into actual clients.  Example: Having your compelling free offer on your site so you can build a relationship with them through your email newsletter.  I read a statistic once that said it takes 6 months of someone being on your email list before they will buy from you.  You can accelerate this time frame by adding Videos to your Marketing mix or doing regular (a few times a week blogging). Your Social Media posts and interactions are another way to do this as well.

I would love to hear what changes you will make to begin to create more success in your Holistic Business using Social Media!


2 Responses to 3 Social Media Myths – Are any of these holding your business back?
  1. Peg
    May 20, 2013 | 5:42 am

    Thanks Shelley, Great info. I am currently trying to tie it all together. I am creating my free offer now. I need to be better at sending out regular newsletters and more engaging of FB. I find that pressed for time I share/post a lot of quotes, but without “my voice.” I also need to get brave with video 🙂

  2. Bonnie
    March 18, 2016 | 5:43 pm

    Great article, Shelley. Reminds me again that I need to be more planful about my social media posts.

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