Holistic Practice Building

GAHP Membership You will receive support, training, specific tools, strategies and mindset support that you need to help build your Practice and then take your Practice to the next level.  In addition you will learn more about amazing Holistic Methods to help your clients accelerate their healing.  For details on membership, visit: www.jointhegahp.com

90 Practice Building Acceleration Program Are you a Therapist, Coach, Healer, Energy Worker or Massage Therapist? Do you want to fill your practice?  This Program will give you the training, tools, support AND accountability to create a FULL practice.

GAHP  Private 1:1 VIP Breakthrough Intensive facilitated by Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC President of GAHP.  This is a private day focused just on you and your practice the day focuses on specific breakthroughs at the emotional/spiritual level coupled with specific, concrete steps and mapping out of your next steps to really leap forward in your Practice.  Examples of Focus for your VIP day include: Designing your first information product, developing different programs/products to really leverage your time, mapping out a launch of a specific program/product, designing the next uplevel of your Practice, and Launching an Association or Group Membership program.  You are guaranteed to have BIG business AND personal Breakthroughs during your VIP day.  These can be done either in person or virtually. To schedule a private consultation with Shelley to see if a VIP Breakthrough Intensive is right for you—email support@thegahp.com

GAHP Certified Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Training Program—whether you have been practicing Holistic Psychotherapy or Holistic Coaching OR you want to add this modality to your practice– the Certification is a way to bring a level of professionalism and credibility to the beautiful work that you are doing in the world. It will give you training not only in this modality but will uplevel your practice from the inside out.  The training program has a focus on specific emotional and spiritual breakthroughs that help you move into your Higher Self with the work you’re doing in the world and to support your clients to do the same thing. Next program begins in summer of 2017.  Go here for all the details www.gahpcertification.com

Holistic Business School —This series of progressive, High-Level programs are designed for people in the Building or Leaping stage—we offer a structured program of specific Training, Masterminding and 1:1 Coaching which will create a major transformation in your business AND in your Life.  If you feel stuck and KNOW that you are meant to be playing a much bigger game, then this program is for you.  Holistic Business School Programs




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