Where do I get the money to grow my business?

A few months ago I was talking to a woman about joining one of our Holistic Business Coaching Programs.  She is a profound healer and has a big Mission for her work and she was SO ready to move forward with bringing her work out in the world.

When it came to the point of how much the Program would be IWoman-with-falling-all-around-her- smaller shared the investment amount.  She took a deep breath and said “Shelley I am not making the kind of money where I have that money available to spend on a Coaching Program.”  I said “The investment amount of the Program is in alignment with where you are wanting to be with your Holistic Business, not with where you are at now ~so of course it is going to feel like a stretch.”

She is a very wise woman and the moment I shared my response the light bulb went on for her and she said “I get it. It still feels very scary, but I get it, it makes sense to me and I want to do it.  You are right that amount of money is in alignment with where I want to be in Holistic business.  I want to manifest my Vision, this is what I came here to do!”

Her response came from a deeper part of her that knew with the right support, the right information and accountability she was going to manifest her Vision.  And manifest it much more quickly and powerfully than she ever could on her own. The investment amount was really a non-issue because she knew and I knew that she would easily cover the investment amount with the future earnings from the expansion of her business.

The key here is to make the decision of what you want to do first, from the place of where you want to be in your business.

I’m not saying these decisions are easy.  They are way to exercise your Faith muscle and know that as you leap you will be supported.  The magic of these decisions is amazing.

Here are examples from my clients of what has happened when they made the decisions to invest in themselves and their businesses for the level they wanted to be in their Holistic Business not where they were:

The client above raised her fee and had an influx of new clients.  Then she took another leap in going to another level in our Coaching Programs and the same day signed up a client for a new Program she developed on the spot!

-Another client signed up for a Coaching Program that was a stretch for her and within a week she received a tax refund that she had been waiting for years that arrived “out of the blue” that covered her investment amount.

-I had a client sign up and then get a call right after from a new client who stepped into a high level program I helped her develop

-Years ago I invested 6-Figures in a Coaching Program to support me to build the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching.  I made that investment amount back within 4 months!

One of the things is that many Holistic Business owners don’t get that it is very hard to start a business without seed money, money to start and then grow the business.  That is money that you need to invest in Coaching, your web-site, team etc.  What holds many Holistic Business owners back is they don’t treat what they are doing seriously as a business and don’t invest enough in it to be truly successful.

If you ask any successful business owner “How much money did you spend to start up your business?”  You aren’t going to hear the answer “I didn’t have to spend any money~ I just started it and it took off.”

Many of them would say they had gotten a business loan, used credit cards or received temporary loans from family and friends, offering new programs, work at job to fund the start up of your business,  borrow from their savings or retirement accounts.  I have done each of these to grow my business and I wouldn’t been able to do what I have done without doing all of these at one point in time.  The good news is that when you get the right support, the growth of your business will accelerate and you will fairly quickly be able to pay off the different forms of support you tapped into.


I would love to hear your thoughts on finding the money to grow your business?

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  1. Melisa alaba
    July 11, 2014 | 7:11 pm

    You are spot on. When we feel our spirit moving we must align with our mission and go forth. Because I am an advocate for being debt free. I believe we all can be resourceful. This may require selling stuff,cutting back on expenditures, taking on more individual clients or as Shelly suggested getting a second job.

    The idea is the same when you decide to shift up you must play the game at the next level not your current level to move.

    Shelley I am so happy I found you a few years ago. Your spirit just felt good to me and I have learned so much from you. I am truly blessed that each day I get to do what I love and I have a business that allows me to live what I teach.

    Wishing you Peace and Abundance,

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