Tips to Start Your Own E-Newsletter

One of the key elements in building a thriving practice is to keep in regular contact with your potential clients. A fabulous way to do this is with your own e-newsletter (a newsletter that gets sent through email). The newsletter is an effective way to share valuable information with people as well as share about upcoming events and services you offer.

Having this newsletter sent on a regular basis—I recommend once every two weeks– also helps people begin to get to know you and how you may be able to help them. So many of my clients have come from people who were receiving my newsletter and often when they call they are committed and ready to schedule with me. Having a newsletter is such a foundational piece of a thriving Therapy Practice that it is the first thing I focus on when Coaching my clients.

Here are some tips to start your own E-newsletter:

  1. Develop a 5-7 page Special Report or Workbook on a Topic that would be appealing to your potential clients.
  2. Utilize a service like Aweber or 1Shopping Cart to post an opt-in box on your web-site so as people sign up for your Special Report their names and email addresses get stored on an email list. Then you can email your newsletter to this list.
  3. Pick a newsletter template from the service you use or have a web-designer design your newsletter.
  4. Name your newsletter. The name can be based on what the typical content might be “Marketing Success Tips” or the name can be more inspirational like the name of this newsletter “Thrive”.
  5. Create the different sections of the newsletter. I typically recommend the following four sections:
    • Personal Note in the first section—people LOVE to hear something a bit more personal about you—it can be personal and still respectful of your boundaries as a therapist. It could also be a personal reflection—some insightful thoughts you have had about life. You can add a picture—either a personal picture or a picture that illustrates what you are talking about in your personal reflection. Something more personal makes it more likely that they will read and continue to read your newsletter.
    • Article with tips—Write an article that would be of interest to your readers with concrete, specific tips that can help them in their life.
    • Upcoming Event Listing– List an upcoming event, workshop, tele-class that you will be doing—or highlight one on your services.
    • A good thing to add to your newsletter is a testimonial for one of your services—people love to hear about the results people get from working with you.
  6. Pick a day of the week for your newsletter to go out. I typically recommend Tuesday, Thursdays or Fridays as good days to send your newsletter out.
  7. Set a date for your first newsletter—even if you just have one person on your email list—it will feel great to get started!
  8. There can be some fear you may need to work through as you put yourself out there in a more visible way—attend to this fear rather than let it stop you from starting your newsletter.
  9. Your newsletter will uplift and support many, many people and give them the opportunity to get a feel for you and more than likely when they or someone they know needs counseling—you will be the one they are calling.

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