The Benefits of High Level Coaching Program

I recently came back to Madison from the East Coast. I was attending a meeting with my mentor and my colleagues in the Program that we are in. I have always been a part of a high level Coaching Program that supports me to stretch even higher with my Mission on the Planet. I know that what I have come here to do is big and I need a high level of support surrounding me as I leap forward into even higher levels of manifesting this Vision. I know I will never let myself go without this kind of support in my life.

This is a photo of my close friends and colleagues at the end of our day long business Mastermind Meeting. This was us before we got all decked out for the Holiday Party. I felt like I was in college again with all of us getting ready in our hotel room! We had a night of fun and celebration of all of the beautiful successes each of us has had over the last year. I feel so grateful and blessed to have this magical support surrounding me.

In the meeting I witnessed a dialogue between two people who had similar businesses that had similar clients they were serving. One person viewed their clients as powerful and capable of paying a high fee and the other viewed their clients as struggling and unable to pay a high fee. It was fascinating to see this dramatic difference in mindset AND the different results each got as a result of their respective mindsets about their clients–it was VERY powerful.


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