Our Little Bundle of Love


I hope you have had a great week!  Happy Valentine’s Day!  We have a little bundle of love that arrived on February 4th, my Sister Nessa gave birth to Elliot. He is such a sweet, loving Soul.  They did a home birth and our Sister, Erin was able to be there.


The Mid-wife and doula arrived at 4:30 p.m. and he was born at 7:50 p.m.  The mid-wife was surprised at how calm Nessa was.  Months before the birth Nessa had been working with a process called “Hypnobabies” (different than Hypnobirthing) a form of childbirth hypnosis and it really made a difference in the birthing process.  She is also doing Attachment parenting and is holding and breastfeeding Elliot continuously for the first 2 weeks, creating a womb-like experience for him as he makes his transition here:)  I always learn so much from Nessa who is very committed to the Holistic approach in her life and with her children. 


Take a look at my article “Opening Your Heart to Love”.  You might be asking what does this have to do with building my Holistic Business and my answer is “It has everything to do with building your Holistic Business”.  Our Ideal Clients are attracted to working with us because they can feel our Spirit and one of the main ways they can feel our Spirit is through our open-heart.  When we are in our heart, we are in our Authentic Self.  When we are in fear, feelings of self-doubt, projections of negativity~ we are in our Conditioned Self, our false self. The more you are in your heart, you will more easily attract your Ideal Clients. Enjoy!

Wishing you Magical Blessings-

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