It Has Been a Beautiful Whirlwind of Activity Lately!

We have the Holistic Leader Academy starting next week and I announced last night all of the details for our new GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Holistic Coaching Training Program. 

I also had the opportunity recently to visit one of my clients who has actually gone through BOTH of these programs, Brenda Velissaris who is a Holistic Psychotherapist. Brenda has worked with me from the start of my programs supporting Holistic Business Owners to take the leap to the next level in their Practices. When she started with me she was working as a Therapist at an agency but had the dream of creating her own Private Practice. 

Through our work together she was able to take the leap and start her own Practice which was very quickly successful. (I recently) stopped by to see her office (see above-which was so warm and wonderful) to give her the award we had given her through the Global Association for Holistic Psychotherapy for Outstanding Achievement. We marveled at how when she first started she had no idea she would be able to create what she has created today! Here is what she has said about our work together: 

“I worked with Shelley in both her group programs and in her GAHP Certified Holistic Psychotherapy Training Program. From my work with Shelley I was able to reach a dream that I had for a longtime—having my own private practice. Shelley was there as I moved through my fears and took the leap. What amazed me is how fast my success happened. I have people calling me specifically because they saw on my website that I am a member of the GAHP and am trained in holistic modalities. I was able to fill my practice and even had to start a waiting list! I’m ending this year with my income level just under 6-Figures and I am already taking steps for my next leap. The possibilities are endless.

Brenda has a HUGE heart and it gives me great joy when I think of all the lucky people that get to work with her because she took the leap to follow her dream.

Love & Blessings, 
Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC 

Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

P.S. Have you seen the details for my NEW VIDEO training? It is called: “7 Ways to Grow Yourself, Grow Your Practice and Grow Your Income” I just started the Video Training and you can still jump on board. Go here for the details



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