Is it Time to Start Bragging?


Is it Time to Shine Your Light?

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Brag definition: Showing excessive pride and self-satisfaction in one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.

One of the issues many Holistic Practitioners have that blocks the growth of their Holistic Business is struggling with feeling confident about the work they do. The voice of Self-Doubt can sound like this:

-I don’t know enough

-I am not as talented as so and so

-I don’t know if I can support my Clients to get the results they want

-I feel like a fraud

-I am not attracting Ideal Clients, so there is something wrong with me

-I am not being successful enough in my Business, why is this not happening fast enough?

This is the voice of what I call the Conditioned Self. The part of us that has absorbed family, peer group and cultural messages of fear and limitation.

When you listen to this voice, it will hold you back in:

-What you think is truly possible in your Holistic Business

-Being able to attract your Ideal Clients

-Being able to charge a higher fee and get it

-Taking the key risks that will allow you to create your highest Vision for your Life and Business

And will make you more likely to give up when facing the regular challenges of growing a Holistic Business.

In our Programs we have a practice on each Training Call of starting with Celebrations – these are Successes that each person has had since our last call.

In our most recent GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Certification Training, I was noticing that people were having huge successes, but not sharing these openly on the call or in the Forums. It was curious to me why this was happening.

I realized their Conditioned Self was holding them back from openly sharing these things because culturally we as women are not encouraged to “Toot our own horn” so to speak.   We can be judged when we share a success, particularly if those around us are struggling.

I remember a painful incident in middle school were I nonchalantly made a comment to my friends that was misconstrued as being arrogant. When I came to school on Monday ALL of my friends had turned against me and I was devastated. I had no clue what I had done until someone explained to me the comment I made and how one person twisted its meaning.

In order to grow my Holistic Business I have had to consciously work with the Conditioned Part of me that is trying to protect me from this kind of rejection again. I came to realize that when people judge you for your celebrations and successes it is because they are suffering from their own experience of holding themselves back with self-judgment.

So instead of feeling afraid of their comments, I feel compassion for them. The bottom line is I knew to grow my Holistic Business I had to regularly celebrate my Successes and ALSO be public about them.

So I asked myself “How can I help the members of the GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Certification Training Program have a big shift so they could start celebrating more openly and boldly all of their successes?”

I ended up adding as a requirement for Certification that that post a daily “Brag” about one of their Successes for 5 consecutive days. This was powerful and transformational for them. It helped break through the barrier of publicly celebrating all of their Successes and taking it one step further into a “Brag” which has energy of stronger confidence and conviction.

What transpired was truly magical. We created a safe place for them to finally come out of hiding and announce their gifts, talents and greatness. Finally they were able to give themselves permission to shine! This alone will be one of the most powerful foundations for them to skyrocket their Holistic Business even higher!

CONFESSION: As I was finishing up this article I heard a voice inside of me saying “What about any brags YOU are sitting on?” Earlier in the year I was notified that @BoldJournal named me as 1 of the 25 Most Inspirational Twitter Accounts Worth a Follow. Here was the announcement:

I was busy at the time and then never got back to it.

BUT I know my Conditioned Self was also saying things like “It is not OK to talk about this.” “It really isn’t a big deal anyway” etc. I didn’t even tell my Mentors or my colleagues. The only person I shared it with is my Assistant.  So today I am going to take action and brag 🙂

What do you need to bring forward and Brag about? I would LOVE to hear it! Remember it can be something small or something big, just bring it out and BRAG!


3 Responses to Is it Time to Start Bragging?
  1. Elisa
    February 29, 2016 | 2:39 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I have constantly felt like not enough in my life, and that had led me to rarely celebrate my breakthrgoughs.

    There was my conditionned self telling me “it’s not a victory, it’s merely you leaving the “damaged goods” level and getting to the “regular person” level.
    How could I have felt enough ? The conditionned self kept me thinking of myself as ORDINARY, at best. Regular, normal. Nothing to be proud of. “I’m just avoiding shaming myself by being just acceptable”.

    Oh god… I was just mistreating myself.

    So, I’m going to brag today.

    I have a light form of dyspraxia that gets me confused about space, distance, position and coordination of the limbs. That makes it hard for me to knit or make braid with woolen yarn (and plenty of other bigger things such as the sense of direction, sense of rythm, and so on).

    A few years ago, my best friend showed me a technique for braiding, and I could’nt do it. My mind wasn’t getting the hang of it and my fingers refused to coordinate their movements.
    I just gave up.

    Yesterday -5 years later- a friend started using this technique and urged me to try it. I was very frightened do do it in front of him, lest he would laugh at my clumsyness.

    So I finally gave it a try while he was away buying more thread, and I succeeded ! I finally understood how it worked, and after only a few tries, my finger gently eased themselves in the movement. They even were gracious, moving the threads aroud in smooth motion.

    It is a huge small victory.
    Small because braiding is not exactly essential in my life :p
    Huge because of the breakthrough it represents for me an my dyspraxia. If I can do it with small things, such as braiding, I can do it with big things such as dancing and fencing, and driving a car without getting lost !

    With just a little patience and a relaxed approach, I did so much more than when being hard on myself.

    I’m so proud !

  2. Jewell
    February 1, 2017 | 6:51 pm

    I’m celebrating TWO new ideal clients this week!!! 😁🙏🏼💕

  3. Diane Zueger
    December 20, 2017 | 12:16 am

    Tky for the inspirational sharing. I too had something shifted today during or after the GAHP call in. I no longer care to smoke. It has been ever since the call. Small in its just a day and huge because I no longer care to indulge. It just no longer appeals to me. It’s incredible.

    THANK You Shelley!
    Diane z

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