We Are In a Time of Amazing Change and Transformation

This is one of my favorite pictures of my Sister, Nessa and my niece Emerson. One of Emerson’s favorite things to do when she comes over is look at my Angel Cards. I love how intently she is looking at them here. Another favorite thing she likes to do is give long, passionate speeches in front of a mirror. When she first started doing this I said to Nessa, “I think she is a Spiritual Messenger and she is hitting the ground running with getting her message out right now”. Nessa agreed that there was something deeper going on with Emerson’s sharing in front of the mirror.

We are in a time of amazing change and transformation. Spiritual Messengers are being tapped on the shoulder to begin to bring their work and messages out in a bigger way. “Are You a Spiritual Messenger?

As I am writing this I am actually on an airplane heading down to Tampa, Florida for a conference with a new mentor. As I mentioned last week I signed on for another year to work with a mentor I have been working with (which I am SO excited about) AND I have also signed on to work with another mentor at the same time. This new mentor has an expertise in an aspect of internet marketing that I want to learn more about.

Because I work with so many Spiritual Messengers I am learning whatever I can to get these vital Spiritual Message out there in a faster more expansive way! SO exciting.

After the conference I also have some time planned to hang out at the beach with my Mom (she lives just outside of Tampa).

Love & Blessings, 
Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC 

Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

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