All You Need to Do is Breathe

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I was recently on the East Coast for 3 days in a private Mastermind with my Mentor. One of the added bonuses of doing the work that I do to help Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners build thriving Holistic Practices is the ripple effect of what I teach on my loved ones. When I first started dating my Fiancée he was a very talented watercolor painter but he didn’t believe that he could develop a business around his passion and make money. It wasn’t until he began to attend my Trainings that EVERYTHING changed for him.

He worked with our Web Team (the team that is available to our Holistic Business School Clients) and developed an amazing, professional, branded website that was in alignment with his Ideal Clients. He invested in himself by going to a training in Taos, New Mexico with a successful artist so he could be in the energy of other artists who were making money selling their art.

When he saw the Clients in our program shifting their Money Mindset and getting dramatically different results he began shifting his. PLUS he took risks to get out there by doing things that were very uncomfortable but were steps to get exposure for his art. It all has paid off. He is now selling his art for very handsome fees and was the featured artist last night at the Yahara Distillery where there were 150 people in attendance and even a band (above is the announcement for the event). He was written up in the 2 local papers here in Madison, WI.

It was so fun for me to stand with him last night and have person after person come up to him giving him amazing, positive comments about his work. I told him as we were driving to the event “All you need to do tonight is breathe and take in all the love and positive comments people are going to share with you, you deserve this because you have committed on such a deep level to your gifts and your passion by working hard, investing in yourself, just take it in”.

Take a look at my article titled “Do It Afraid” I talk about the power of taking action despite fear when you are growing your Holistic Business. I have A LOT to share on this topic because I have walked through tremendous amounts of fear over the years as I have grown my Holistic Businesses. I have also guided hundreds of my clients through their fears into the powerful joy of being in the fullness of their Authentic Self and creating the Holistic Business that their Soul intended when they came to the Planet. Enjoy!!

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