A Note From Shelley: If There Were No Limitations, What Would Your Biggest Dream Be?



I hope you are having a beautiful week.  I have been SO excited all day because tomorrow I get to lead a 2 ½ day Retreat with my incredible Holistic Leader and Visionary Clients.  Right after that I will be spending 1 ½ days with my super talented Holistic Business School Clients.  As I prepare for the retreat I am reflecting on my journey and how I got to be where I am today.  Sometimes it seems like a dream when I wake up and I look at my schedule and I think “How lucky I am to be able to do what I love all day long and help so many gifted Holistic Leaders bring their gifts into the world.”  It truly is a magical feeling.

I really owe so much of it to the amazing Mentors I have had over the years.  I learned long ago that in order to go higher in my life and business I needed to look up and see who was leaping ahead of me and learn from them.  One of my Mentors was Bob Proctor. (Here I am with him in the picture).

He was instrumental in helping me expand my Vision high enough to encompass the bigness of my dream.  I remember he would say “If there were no limitations (because there really aren’t) what would your biggest dream be?  The dream that both excites and terrifies you at the same time (because it is SO big)?  The one that is so big that you have no clue how you would achieve it?”

It was questions like this and the loving support of the Coaching Group I was in with him that allowed me to first envision the Association.  Once it came into my mind I never let it go.  Of course my Conditioned Self tried to block it by keeping me busy with other things and playing small.  But you know once you have a dream you can never NOT know it—it keeps coming up into your Consciousness demanding to be listened to.

So today I honor Bob and all of my Mentors for showing the way and supporting my light to shine was brightly as it can, so I can support all of you to do the very same. 

Sending you Light, Love and Blessings AND the Courage to GO FOR IT with your BIG dream!!


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