7 Silly Mistakes Holistic Practitioners Make that Hold Them Back


I was on the phone with my Client and she shared that she had spent days learning Quickbooks.  I said “Sarah, I am happy that you are prioritizing your bookkeeping in your business but actually you aren’t the one that needs to do this.”  I explained to her that there are professional bookkeepers that already know Quickbooks who could complete her bookkeeping tasks so much faster than her.  Plus, during those two days she could have been seeing clients and the cost of paying a bookkeeper to do what she had done would have been a fraction of just one of her Sessions.

What I have found over the years of Coaching clients to grow their Holistic Business is that oftentimes they are doing small things that end up getting them super stuck in their business.

These things can be small and subtle, but have huge impacts on their business.  Once they start to free themselves of these they can finally get unstuck and create dramatically different results in their Holistic Business.

1. Doing your own bookkeeping.  I remember when I first started out in my Holistic Psychotherapy Practice one of the first people I hired was a bookkeeper.  Why I prioritized this is I had heard over and over from my Mom who had owned a business “Honey, don’t try to do everything yourself, I made that mistake and wasn’t able to grow my business as much as I wanted AND I got burned out.”  When you have a business you can’t do everything yourself.  It is not the best use of your time to learn Quickbooks and be inputting your receipts etc.  A professional bookkeeper can do it much faster and more accurately than you.  In that time you save you could be seeing a few clients, which is the best use of your time!!

2.   Spending a lot of time learning Technical Things.  When you are marketing your Holistic Business on-line there are many technical things that need to be done: editing your audio recordings, posting your Videos, editing/posting blog articles, putting your newsletter together. Oftentimes Holistic Practitioners can spend hours and even days trying to learn something technical that they easily could have hired a Virtual Assistant to do in 15 minutes.  Again, you are not saving money when you are spending hours and hours learning something that you actually shouldn’t be doing anyway.

3. Trying to Build Your Business by Taking Free Tele-Class Trainings rather than investing in a Coach in a Coaching Program.  Information alone does not get you results in your Holistic Business.  Here is what gets you results:


Accountability to actually implement what you are learning

Proven Systems to get you results in your Holistic Business

Most important: the energetic support of a Mentor and tribe that is holding you accountable to an even higher Vision for you for your Holistic Business than you can see for yourself

4.   Not treating your business like a business, but a hobby.  How seriously do you take what you are doing in your Holistic Business?  Do you treat it like a business or a casual activity in your life?  The Universe will respond to how you treat your Holistic Business.  If you are casual and uncommitted these are the kind of results you will get in your Holistic Business. You will wonder why you attract Clients who aren’t committed and willing to do what it takes to heal.  Do you have structured hours?  Do you have a specific marketing plan for the next 6 months, 12 months in your business?  What is your bold income goal for the year?  Are you on track to meet this?  Do you have Systems in place so you can easily delegate as you grow your business?  Do you have a process in place that will ensure that you will hire the right assistant for your business?

5. Working with a Coach that isn’t a Holistic Practitioner and hasn’t achieved the kind of success you want to achieve in your Holistic Business.  I talk with new Clients all the time who say “I wish I would have found you before I spent 1000’s of dollars in this other Coaching Program that didn’t address how to market and build a Holistic Business specifically.”

6.   Staying busy with small tasks and not focusing on income-generating activities.  If you are not attracting enough clients and making good money in your Holistic Business it is a red flag that you are making this mistake for sure. One of the things that I did consistently in my Holistic Psychotherapy practice was focusing on income-generating activities.  I would prioritize my tasks each day to focus on those specific activities that would bring me new clients or plan a Workshop/Program that would bring in an influx of money.

7. Avoiding the scary risks that will grow your business the most.  Oftentimes the activities that will grow your Holistic Business the most are the activities that scare you the most.  Think of what you have been avoiding the most — chances are if you take action on this, you will grow your Holistic Business.

I would LOVE to hear which of these mistakes you are making and what you will do instead:)

4 Responses to 7 Silly Mistakes Holistic Practitioners Make that Hold Them Back
  1. Madeleine Innocent
    November 23, 2015 | 6:25 pm

    Yes, all these things are important. But one of the most important lessons I found is to work on myself, on my evolution, on my spirituality. That may scare some people, but confronting what scares you is healthy. It means you are moving.

  2. Monica
    February 9, 2016 | 5:42 am

    What a great reminder of how you need to focus and get the support you need to make your business a priority. There are many ways in which I procrastinate. ..thinking I can’t move forward only because I haven’t tried.I get side tracked by signing up for other people’s trainings. A Holistic Business is different and that’s why HBS is so vital to healers like myself. I am so grateful that this program is designed for people like me.

  3. Ronda McLean
    October 16, 2016 | 8:32 pm

    #7 was the best reminder!! I have even been told to stop dancing around the tree and get to work, uhg!!

  4. kasia kines
    October 16, 2016 | 8:52 pm

    Oh, my biggest mistake is not having a marketing plan. It is actually the biggest challenge. Looking forward to THAT!!!

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