List Building 101: 3 Easy Steps to Build Your Email List Now

When I first launched my website for my Holistic Practice, I knew from my studies of Internet Marketing I needed to build an email list. By building a following I was building an audience to announce my Programs, Services and Products to. This was key to powerfully growing my impact and my income.

I was SO excited to share my work with a broader audience, but I was Woman with laptopoverwhelmed, too. I was initially confused as what to do first to begin building my email list. Here are some of the first steps I took to build my email list.

1. Tele-Classes. I gave free monthly Tele-Classes on topics that were appealing to my Ideal Clients. I set up a registration page for people to register for the Tele-Class. When they would register they would be added to my email list. I would announce the Tele-Class to:

–My existing email list. People would then forward this email onto friends, family members and colleagues who would also register for the Tele-Class, therefore get added to my email list. This is how I had SO many people from the same family on my email list 🙂

–On Twitter and Facebook.

Tip to Create Success: You must have a HOT Title and powerful bullets that describe what you will be sharing in the Tele-Class. The more compelling, the more sign-ups you will get.

2. In-Person Presentations. One of the best ways to build your list is through in-person presentations. I know it can be very scary at first. I Coach my Clients to do as many presentations as they can so they can work through their fears and get really good at giving presentations. When you add people from speaking engagements to your list they already have been in your presence, therefore they know, like and trust you at a deeper level already. When you build a list from speaking engagements you are going to create a very responsive email list.

Tip to Create Success: Have a registration handout for people to fill out to sign up for your irresistible free offer. (If you would like a copy of a sample of this kind of registration handout, please email us to get it). Hand this out in the middle of your talk, not at the end. When people hand this in you can do a drawing at the end of your talk to pick winners for 2-3 CD’s that have recordings of your Monthly free Tele-Classes on them.

3. Twitter. I was an early adopter to using Twitter and found out it was a powerful way to grow my email list. There are two ways you can use Twitter to build your email list.

One way is to tweet your blog posts and have them link back to your website where you have your irresistible free offer sign-up on every page OR at the very bottom of your blog posts. If you have great blog posts it increases the chance that they will sign up for your irresistible free offer.

Announce your Tele-Classes in Twitter to get more registrations, and therefore more people on your email list. This is a powerful way to get more registration. Again make sure you have HOT Tele-Class titles that make them compelling.

Tip to Create Success: Use links to shorten your URL’s for your Blog post links and your Tele-Class Registration links. What is wonderful about Bitly is it will track how many people click on these links so you can get feedback as to what Titles are the most compelling for people.

I would LOVE to hear which of these you are going to use to build your email list 🙂

3 Responses to List Building 101: 3 Easy Steps to Build Your Email List Now
  1. Marla Looper
    June 19, 2014 | 3:15 pm

    I’m interested in the registration form mentioned in this article

  2. Shelley
    April 11, 2015 | 1:13 am

    Please may I have a sample registration handout? Great info in this article. Thank you Shelley 😉

  3. Miriam
    December 3, 2015 | 2:47 pm

    Please forward the sample registration handout. Thanks

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