5 Steps to Transition from Your Full-Time Job to Full-Time at Your Holistic Business

5 Steps to Transition from Your Full-Time Job to Full-Time at Your Holistic Business

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The Biggest Mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.

~Malcom Forbes

Oftentimes when you are launching your Holistic Business you are working in another job that is making you money, but you don’t truly love it. While you are building your Holistic Business you are straddling working a full-time job while ramping up your Holistic Business so you can quit and do it full time. It is A LOT to juggle and I know how stressful it is. I have done it twice myself.

The first time I was working full-time at an agency as a Therapist while I was building my private Holistic Practice on the side. I was able to build my Practice to the level where I could go part-time at my job to free up more of my time to build my Practice. Then I reached the point where I could quit to do my Practice full-time. I was SO happy and excited.

I then did it again when I launched the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching 4 years ago. I had built my Holistic Practice to 6 Figures and continued to work in that business as I built the Association. I now work fully in the Association and we have been able to build this to a multiple 6-Figures Business and we are on track to be a Million dollar business.

This was all possible because I kept leap frogging to create the next business, which was more in alignment with my Life Purpose and Passion.

This is something I teach my Clients to do as well.

Here is my 5 Step Plan to transition from your Full-time Job to Full-Time at your Holistic Business:

  1. Determine the date when you want to be working in your Holistic Practice. Set you intention for when you want this to happen. Oftentimes I see Holistic Practitioners saying “Someday I want to work full-time in my Holistic Practice” without drawing a line in the sand and being definitive about it. Be definitive and know that with the right plan and right focus, you can do it!
  2. Prioritize the building of your Holistic Practice. You must put building your Holistic Business on the front burner. Put the pause button on non-essential activities—time wasters like T.V., spending time with people you no longer feel a connection with, family activities that feel more like an obligation, internet surfing that takes up hours. You would be surprised at how many hours you can find in your week from eliminating non-essential activities and time wasters. Then carve out time in your schedule each week to work on your business.
  3. Cut back energetically from your job. When I was working full-time I cut back on knocking myself out at work and didn’t volunteer for any extra activities. I did my work well but did not go above and beyond. I needed to conserve my energy for when I was at home and needed to work those extra hours to build my business. I also stopped any extra socializing during breaks and instead worked on my Holistic Business. You need to start putting your focus and energy where you WANT to go.
  4. Figure out how many Clients you would need to replace your income and get clear about all the Marketing activities you need to do to get those Clients.
  5. Get the right support. Make sure to work with a Coach in a business Building program. You want to learn from someone who has a marketing system to build your Practice quickly. Do not try to figure this out on your own. Find someone who has done it herself and teaches others how to do it. When I was working full-time I was in a Coaching Program to learn how to build my Holistic Practice quickly. Many of these training calls were during the day and I took vacation time to be able to be on those calls. What I learned in that Program would have taken me years to figure out on my own.

My biggest message to you, is to start now to create your plan, it will be that much faster that you will be able to be working in your Holistic Practice full time!!

I would love to hear your thoughts and inspirations from reading this 🙂


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  1. Link Love - kat love
    November 30, 2014 | 4:28 pm

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  2. Robin Ann Reid
    August 10, 2015 | 6:03 am

    Great advice Shelley, especially cutting back energetically in the job you have presently. It is also very clear to me that having a coach accelerates the process exponentially. Thanks!

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