3 Biggest Holistic Biz Lessons

JoyDo you ever wish you could go back in time with the knowledge you have now and do things differently in your life or business?  I remember reading a book by Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and in the book he wrote a letter to his “past” self that was titled “The things I wished I would have know when I was you.”

I’m going to share my 3 biggest Holistic Business lessons in hopes that this knowledge will make things much smoother and easier for you as you grow your Holistic Business.

3 Biggest Holistic Biz Lessons

#1. Believe in Yourself.  The belief in yourself will make a huge difference in how quickly you grow your business.  What I have found is many Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners have a distorted view of their true talents and capabilities.  When they are operating from these distortions they don’t take advantage of the opportunities that are right in front of them that are divinely placed there for them to move them forward.

Lesson:  Believe in yourself at a higher level than you are comfortable with.  Only when you do this will you be operating more from what is true with your capabilities, which allows you to confidently say “yes” to the opportunities you have in front of you now.

What also has helped me is to be in a high level Coaching Program where the Coach and my colleagues are able to mirror my own true talents and capabilities so I don’t get stuck in the distortions of my Conditioned Self.

#2.   Get comfortable being uncomfortable.   I wish I could tell you that growing your Holistic Business is going to be super smooth and comfortable for you—but if I did I would be lying.  I had been doing personal, transformational work for over 25 years and the kind of growth you will go through when you really commit to growing your Holistic Business is beyond what I had ever seen before.  I know the territory because I have walked it myself.  My biggest growth has come from taking action on implementing my biggest Vision I had for my Holistic Business.  It was the most uncomfortable things I have ever done in my life but it has lead to the most Joy and the deepest fulfillment I could ever have imagined (meaning it was totally worth it).

Lesson:  The truth is everything that you truly want in your life and your business is outside of your comfort zone so the more you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable the more you will get to what you REALLY want.   Learn to take risks and when it comes time to make the “I’m going to leap and trust the net will appear.”  Make the decision to Leap!

#3.  Partner with your Spiritual Connection.  You have a silent partner in your Holistic Business and that is your Spiritual Connection, whatever this is for you.  You have a team of love and support that is available to you in this very moment.  You are not alone.  The more you cultivate this connection and tap into it when you are making decisions about your Holistic Business the smoother and easier things will be for you.  And when you are going through the deep phases of growing yourself to grow your business you will have a tremendous love and comfort that will be supporting you—and you will feel it.

Lesson: You are not alone in bringing the Vision of your Holistic Business into form.  You have incredible Spiritual Support that is guiding and supporting you.  Lean into this support and allow it to guide you into immovable trust and faith to step forward into manifesting your biggest Vision of bringing your Spiritual Gifts to the Planet!

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