My VIP Day With Holistic Visionary Private Platinum Client, Jill Grienke!



I hope you are having a wonderful week! It has been a delightfully busy time here. I have been having so much fun supporting our clients to really FLY by implementing their Visions for their Holistic Businesses. Recently I had a VIP day with my Holistic Visionary Private Platinum client, Jill Grienke. Jill is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Transformational Consultant who is taking huge leaps in her business. 


She is truly on fire.


At her VIP Day we mapped out her Ideal Client Profile, crafted her Elevator Speech (which she was working on for a LONG time and I helped her come up with it in 10 minutes), mapped out a Transformational Workshop she will be giving in October and November, mapped out a 3 Month on-line Program she will give in January, developed the registration and sales pages for these Programs, develped a marketing plan to fill the Workshop and Program. 


I also helped Jill see what stage in her Holistic Business development she was in and once she knew that it was huge relief for her.  Once she knew what stage she was in and what particular things she was develpoing on both the emotional, physical and spiritual levels everything began to make complete sense for her.  It helped her see that she was setting the foundation for an even bigger Vision and Mission.


Here we are having lunch outside, it was a gorgeous day.  After we returned from lunch we were working on all that we mapped out above and something funny happened.  A disco band that was going to be performing that night started to practice right outside our window facing Lake Monona.  It gave us quite a laugh and we were even diagloguing on Facebook with the other GAHP members about it.  The music lifted the mood to a very high level of joy and expansion that is so fitting with Jill’s Mission.  Divine sychroncity was at hand supporting Jill!


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