3 Ways to Get Your Global Message Out

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living~ Nelson Mandela

It is a time of acceleration and transformation on the Planet.  And those of you who are meant to be catalysts for the transformation are being called to “Go Global” with your message.  But where do you start?  Particularly when you are just starting out it can feel overwhelming with all you need to do to grow your business and have the kind of reach you would like.

Here are some simple tips to get you started on going Global with your message whether you are just starting out with your Holistic Business or you are wanting to leap your current Holistic Business to the next level.

3 Ways to Get Your Global Message Out

  1. Get Clear About Your Mission and your Message.  What change do you want to see on the Planet and how is your business a stand for creating that change?  What is the Core Message of your Mission that is being transmitted through your Business?  Begin to think of your business as a catalyst for Social Change just like many of the powerful Social Movements that changed millions of peoples lives with actions, messages and a call for true change!
  2. You must use Social Media to get Your Message Out.  Do you have a Facebook Fan Page representing your Holistic Business?  Not a personal Facebook page but a business page.  In September Facebook hit the 1.01 billion users mark and continues to grow.  On Twitter there are 175 Million users. You must go where people are going already to connect and it is on Social Media.  Social Media had transformed the way marketing your business AND getting your message out is done.  The key thing here is you must learn how to use Social Media properly otherwise you will be working very hard but not getting your message out in the powerful way you could.  Commit to learning this and using this powerful portal for getting your Message out there.  I will be writing and teaching more and more about how to bring your Global Message out via Social Media—so stay tuned!
  3. Create Compelling Videos to share your Message.  Videos hands down are the most powerful way to share your message, your content and connect with your audience.  Most people are visual and want to get information in the personal, dynamic way that Videos allow.  You could post a weekly Video Tip in your Blog or do a Video Training Series. The best way to get comfortable doing Video is to start doing it TODAY.   Even if you don’t have your web-site up and are just getting started.  Begin to get in front of the camera so you can get very comfortable in this way of connecting with people.   You can use your IPhone and a Tripod to get started and edit your Videos in IMovie if you are on a Mac and Windows Movie Maker if you are on a PC. If you don’t have an IPhone you can get the Kodak ZI8 HD Pocket Video Camera.  You can look on Amazon to get this.


Blog 2-3 times a week.  Regular blogging is a powerful way to get your message out.  Use key words in the title and throughout your Blog.  This is so search engines can begin to find you and list you when people do a google search for the key words connected to your business.  One of the people who recently signed up for the Holistic Business School AND our GAHP Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Certification Training program found us on a search he did on how to start a Holistic Business!  Blogging can dramatically increase the traffic coming to your site.  I remember a colleague of mine years ago did a blogging challenge where she blogged every day for 30 days and doubled the traffic to her web-site!

These are just a few powerful tips to get you going on really getting your Global Message out there and making the unique difference that you and only you can make.  I would love to hear which of these tips you are going to put into practice TODAY!


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