3 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans


You are working hard to get more fans for your Facebook Fan Page yet do you realize that if you aren’t doing things to actively engage and connect with your Facebook Fans on your page that many of your Fans will never see your posts?  The typical “reach” of each of the typical Fan Page posts on pages without high engagement is only 12%.  Meaning only 12% of your Fans will see the post.  So that means out of 1000 Fans only 120 will see the post!

When I first explain this to my coaching clients they are shocked.  But the good news is there are many things that you can do to begin to improve the exposure of your posts to your Facebook Fans.

The key is to increase your engagement with your fans meaning when you get people talking about you on Facebook (liking your posts, commenting and sharing your content) your exposure increases, which increases your Fan base AND increases you’re the future exposure of your future posts!

Here are the 3 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans:

  1. To get more Engagement Post 3-5 times a day- It makes sense that the more you post the more it gives people an opportunity to engage with you.  It is important to space your posts out- so do something like 9:00 a.m, Noon, 3:00 p.m, 6 p.m., 9 p.m. Each post tends to “live” for about 3 hours meaning it is the window with the highest level of engagement.
  2. Post things that your Fans Respond to- I have my clients test and see what seems to get the most engagement (likes, comments, shares) and have them begin to do more of the same.  According to Hubspot photos on Facebook generate 53% more likes than the average post.  So make sure to post picturesJ
  3. Ask questions that are fun and easy to respond to.  One of my colleagues was asking about how she could get more engagement on her Fan Page.  She had mentioned to me before we started talking that she was sick.  I said “Post that you are sick and you would love some ideas on what you could do to feel better”.

She posted it as we were talking and she immediately started getting comments from people chiming in with their best remedies for her!  People love to help others and this is a very powerful way to connect and engage with your Fans.  Remember that Social Media is “Social” and that “Social” is about every day things.

So overall the more you engage (likes, comments, shares), the more exposure you will get which will increase your Fan Base (more likes on your Fan Page) AND increase the likelihood that people will see your future posts.

I would love to hear what you will be implementing for your Facebook Fan Page!

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