3 Powerful Ways Clarity about Your Mission will Attract Your Ideal Clients and Quickly Expand Your Holistic Business

We all have a deeper spiritual mission for being on the planet, particularly Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Holistic Practitioners.  We are on the leading edge of the growth and expansion that is happening on the Planet.

Mission based Marketing is using your Mission as the foundation of your Marketing Plan in your Holistic Business.  If you aren’t clear about your Mission you are going to have problems with:

  1. Identifying your target market–Just who are you helping?
  2. You will get easily side-tracked in your business if you have not tapped into your Core Mission.
  3. You won’t experience the full impact of your power, creativity and unique gifts because you aren’t fully in line.
  4. You won’t experience the full power of your capacity to create wealth and abundance—things will not fully click to the level they will when you are in alignment with your true Mission.
  5. You won’t feel completely fulfilled until it is your true Mission.
  6. You won’t feel completely stretched until it is your true Mission.
  7. You won’t feel truly confident until it is your true Mission—your unique Mission fits you like a glove—it is as unique as your fingerprint and there is absolutely no competition when you are in your Mission.

 Here are 3 ways to get clarity about your Mission:

You can have multiple missions at various times in your life and then it can tend to get honed and focused in as time goes on.

  1. If you had the world stage for 5 minutes and could give a message to everyone on the Planet what would that message be? This will give you clues about your Mission.
  2. What ticks you off in the world—what frustrates you and then what do you want to see instead?  What do you want to see more of?  My example—the root of my Mission was born from anger over being in my training programs and seeing my gifted Holistic colleagues not creating successful practices doing the work that they were so gifted at.  This made me mad (not at them but the situation). So my Mission of helping Holistic Practitioners build successful businesses is fueled by this passion.  I believe anger is misguided passion.  Scratch the surface of someone who is angry and there is some positive passion that needs to be expressed!
  3. Your own story—what have been your own challenges that you have risen above—this can give clues to your Mission.  It is those things that we struggle with and then learn intimately that can give us clues to our bigger Mission on the Planet.  My example of struggling to find my own Life Purpose in my early 20’s —I know the pain and confusion of being in that place. It was through my own process of getting clear about my Life Purpose and then my work with clients over the years that I realized one of my Missions is to help people get clear about their Life Purpose, their Mission.

The more you have clarity about your Mission—the easier it will be for you to move beyond your fears and take action. When we are in service to our Mission, we can let go of the smaller fears of our ego like:

What will people think?

Am I good enough?

What if I fail?

I often tell my coaching client who are in fear:  “If you are in fear—you are in your ego and have lost focus of your Mission—which is to be of Service.  When you are focused on service, you are in your Higher Self, being an ambassador of Light and Healing on the Planet—it is not about you!

I coach a client that by not getting their information product done because of fear, they are stopping the beautiful flow of being of Service and helping people with their gifts.  When they really understand this deeply, they let the fear fall away and joyfully move forward in their business.  I want the very same thing for you too!

I would love to hear what your Mission in your business is.  Please share below!

4 Responses to 3 Powerful Ways Clarity about Your Mission will Attract Your Ideal Clients and Quickly Expand Your Holistic Business
  1. Bonnie Nussbaum
    September 19, 2014 | 5:59 pm

    My Mission is to help others fully and passionately pursue their Mission and Purpose in life! I accomplish this through holistic methods for change, clarity, and growth.

  2. Rose Hale
    June 6, 2015 | 6:41 am

    Thank you Shelley I really needed this, this morning. My mission is to teach and empower others/women to love themselves enough to not settle,not to fear, and to heal from their past emotional traumas, painful experiences, limiting belief systems and poor self esteem. To recognize, acknowledge, and begin to move into their purpose and experience a joy-filled life. ( looks like i need to make some minor adjustments to my webpage and brochures and such…..That came out smoother than i have been able to come up with so far…lol)

  3. Beth
    June 8, 2015 | 6:57 pm

    Txs Shelley, stopping to think about what I would want to say if I had the world stage for 5 min’s, is a tool I am using to help me craft my message. I would say: I am hear to help people find their voice (which includes at times being quiet), over 40 is not being over, and serving folks on the path to reclaiming their life. Probably more than 5 min’s…. Txs!!

  4. Nikki
    May 8, 2016 | 8:11 pm

    Wow, how timely – I have just made my husband sit for 30 mins and listen to a number of tag -lines – trying the find the ONE! My business, Audacious You – used to have the tagline line – “Audacious You: – taking audacious steps to re-claim your innate gifts, re-align your natural talents, ignite your passions ad renew your strengths and shift to new purpose as Audacious You”. I call myself a Mind-Shift Architect. But I have been told it is too wordy and woo woo!
    My ultimate, big mission is to build a huge clan of women embracing their true feminine power & realising their unique gifts and turning them into joyful purpose. Then harness all that feminine essence and energy into a global movement “Women Rise Up – Provoke Peace”. Let’s end warfare, turmoil and make the world right for women and children globally. First step is to build “Audacious You” business and today’s favoured tagline goes – Audacious You – Recognise the message of that voice inside, Discover your fearless feminine power, Unleash new mission in your life”. All feedback bravely accepted!

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