3 Places to find Ideal, High Paying Clients

When I started my Holistic Psychotherapy Practice I was not marketing my practice on-line.  It was the early days of websites and the internet so all of my marketing when I started out was off-line.  In many Happy woman with a computerways that was good because I learned the most effective way to build my practice off-line.  I am now able to pass all that I learned about filling your practice with ideal, high paying clients to my Coaching clients.

The fastest way to build your practice with ideal, high paying clients is to go directly to where they are already and be visible.  This means going to the following places I mention and position yourself and your services in a way where you stand out and attract your ideal clients easily to you.

Here are my favorite places to find ideal, high paying clients:

1.     A traditional networking event- My favorite tip for my Coaching clients to find their ideal clients is to actually attend a traditional networking event.  The reason why is because so many Holistic Practitioners DON’T do this so you will automatically stand out with your services.   The other reason is traditional networking events can be filled with people who are taking the growth of their businesses seriously and this can translate into a desire to improve all areas of their lives.  This is where you and your holistic services come in.

Key Point: Virtually all people are open to Holistic Services if you communicate what you are doing in a way that is easy to understand and is related to a key problem they are having.  I would go to traditional networking events and just by explaining what I was doing in a simple, clear way I would have a high percentage of people wanting to work with me.

Key Point:  Look for networking events that are dynamic and have a “success” feel to them.  Meaning people are creating success in their lives and they are advancing forward.  There are some networking groups that are stagnant and the members can have a “victim” attitude.  The people in these groups would not be your Ideal Client.

Key Point:  Look for a networking group that meets regularly so you can get to know people and they can get to know you.  It takes time to build relationships that build enough trust to create consistent, solid referrals to your Holistic business.

2.     Find places to speak to groups of people that will likely be your Ideal, high paying Clients.  Sometimes I will have clients that are trying to find groups that are exclusively Holistic oriented to speak to rather than speaking to a more traditional group.  Again you would be surprised how many “traditional” people are looking for Holistic Services; they just don’t know where to look to find you.  That is why by making yourself “Visible” to these people you can quickly fill your practice with ideal clients that are so grateful they found you.

Key Point: I would look to speak in front of groups that are dynamic and have a “success”feel to them.  This is where you will find your Ideal, high paying clients.

Key Point: Wear clothes that are a match for your Ideal Client.  I remember a mentor of mine suggesting to me that I always dress in a way that was a match for my highest level client.  If like attracts like then you must be congruent with the dress of your Ideal, high paying clients.

3.     Associations, Coaching and Mentoring ProgramsJoin groups of like minded Therapists, Healers and Coaches who are growing their businesses.  Those that are willing to invest in growing their Holistic businesses are also willing to invest in their own growth.  We have had SO many people in the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy who end up hiring another member to work with for their own growth.  These are your “Ideal” clients because they are committed to their growth and see the amazing value in investing in themselves.

Key Point: When you become a member make sure you are active and engaged in the group so people can get to know you.  If there is a forum go on to it everyday and post/comment.  The more “Visible” you are in the group, the more the other members can get to know you and what you have to offer.

I would love to hear which of these places you are going to explore to begin connecting with more of your Ideal, High Paying clients!

3 Responses to 3 Places to find Ideal, High Paying Clients
  1. Netsanet Amare
    July 3, 2013 | 2:21 pm

    Very helpful & ‘on target’ as usual. Thanks Shelley

  2. Peg
    July 6, 2013 | 6:07 am

    Thanks Shelley, Good points.

  3. Mohan
    June 21, 2014 | 2:46 am

    Thank u.
    You have touched the sensitive nerves which work.

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