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The Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP) Membership

Leading the Transformation Telesummit: Amethyst, Emerald and Diamond Packages

Life Purpose Assessment and Strategy Session

Holistic Practice Assessment and Strategy Session

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Membership in the ONLY professional Holistic Psychotherapy association founded and run by a 6-Figure Holistic Psychotherapist: the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP)

Attention: Therapists, Coaches and Healers who work holistically with your Clients (or want to)….. GAHP is here to support you to learn more about Holistic Methods AND to help you to build a Thriving Holistic Practice!

Membership includes monthly Training Calls for Practice Building and Holistic Methods for your Practice PLUS so much more…

Member Benefit #1 : Monthly Marketing and Practice Building Training Calls

Member Benefit #2 : Periodic Question and Answer Calls

Member Benefit #3 : Downloadable Forms, Checklists, Scripts, Templates and More…

Member Benefit #4 : Online Networking and Community

Member Benefit #5 : Instant Access to the Online Success Library of 7 Inspirational, Practice Building and Money Mindset Audio Downloads

Member Benefit #6 : Marketing and Promotion Opportunities for YOU and Your Practice

Member Benefit #7 : Web-Ready Logo You Can Proudly Display On Your Website

Member Benefit #8 : Beautiful, Printed Bi-Monthly Newsletter Mailed Directly To Your Doorstep

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In Addition To Each Of These Member Benefits, We’re Also Including These Special Bonuses:

BONUS #1 : 4 Key Checklists, Handouts Colorfully Designed, Printed and Mailed To You

BONUS #2 : Beautiful 3-Ring Binder pre-loaded with handouts and ready for you to add your notes, monthly training call worksheet and action plans and more.

BONUS #3 : Join today and you’ll receive an instant $300 coupon* good towards any additional training program or certification training offered within the next year by The GAHP (*This $300 coupon is good for any training offered at $997 or more)

BONUS #4 : Special Offer for Students – students who join the GAHP you will get to choose between receiving a $50 rebate or $100 additional coupon* towards a future training offered within the next year by the GAHP.


Leading the Transformation Telesummit: Amethyst, Emerald and Diamond Packages

Your Spirit is Calling—Are You Listening? We are in one of the most Transformative times on the Planet. To support you in YOUR Transformation we have gathered the World’s Top Holistic Psychotherapy Leaders to share their most powerful Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) tools, tips and resources to support you to FINALLY Leap into your True Spirit and share the amazing Gifts your Spirit is Meant to Share—NOW!

In this CD package you will get the 17 CD’s and Workbook with articles and exercises mailed right to your door so you can listen to these powerful,  healing interviews over and over again.

In the Leading the Transformation CD Package you will learn:

  • How to transform your relationships into Spiritual Partnerships (so crucial to make this shift now!)
  • How to learn from the colors in your Aura what you planned on doing when you came to the Planet (learning this information will transform your life in minutes)
  • How to use Holistic Energy for your Awakening—this will make all the difference in navigating this time SO much easier
  • The One Underlying Cause of Most Relationship Problems and what you can do to heal this
  • What your Sun-Sign (based on your Birthday) tells you about your Soul and learn where you are operating out of the higher or lower aspects of your sign
  • How the Angels can help you find your Life’s Purpose and what you must know about Angels to begin to work with them
  • How your present Money Consciousness and state of abundance are impacted by your past lives (knowing this will help you release deep money patterns that have been keeping you stuck for years!)

Here is what listeners said about these calls:

“I love this series and don’t want to miss any of it!” – Cindi

“Agreed! I have immediately used several concepts presented in the telesummit. Thank you to all the presenters and Shelley for sharing!”- Carol K.

“WOAH! There is not a word amazing enough to explain that call! WOW! “ –Crystal M.

‎”I just listened to the recording of the inspiring Michael Finney. It was spectacular. How special to experience his guidance and wisdom. So touching and empowering! wow!” Thank you, Blessings- Pamela

I too, had the most golden warmth experience on Tuesday’s class… Thank you Mr. Michael Finney!!!” – Mercedes C.

“Please accept my deepest gratitude for the gift of your transformational tele-summit series. It has been awesome, rich and truly transformational. Thank you so much!!” – Betty Mahalik

“I have been loving your telesummit 🙂 The calls have been very valuable for me!”- David Singer

Shelley, Your “Leading the Transformation” Telesummit has been so amazing and unique – I’ve learned a great deal from all of your speakers and your presentation this evening on “Life Purpose” was so informative and uplifting. Thank you!” – Jackie F.

Shelley, Just wanted to say Thank-You! You were fabulous last night! I have enjoyed all of the talks from such awesome speakers. It has been a very informative experience and I can not wait to here everyone else deliver their messages. Thanks again!” – Luann M.


Life Purpose Assessment and Strategy Session

Confused about your Life Purpose and Don’t Have a Clue How to Figure it Out?

After years of working with clients helping them to move from confusion to clarity about their Life Purpose, Shelley can help you!

Are You:

  • Spinning your wheels trying to get clarity about your Life direction?
  • Unhappy with your current job but don’t have a clue what career would make you happy?
  • Have some ideas about what your Life Purpose is–but your not sure how to decide which one would be your best choice?
  • Out of a job and want to get clear about what your Life Purpose is so you can pursue this path and finally be in a career you LOVE?
  • Feel stuck in your job because you’re afraid to make a move because of the security you have from your current job?

A Life Purpose Assessment and Strategy Session is designed just for you!


Holistic Practice Assessment and Strategy Session

Are you feeling stuck in your Holistic Practice?

Shelley is able to quickly assess what is blocking you in your Practice (whether it is on the practical, emotional or spiritual level) and give you strategies to release these blocks so you can move quickly forward in creating the practice of your dreams in 2013!

1. Prior to the session you will fill out the Holistic Practice Assessment—an assessment that I developed that will help you get clarity about what stage you are in your Holistic Practice Development and begin to start uncovering some of the things that are blocking you.

2. The 1:1 60 minute Holistic Practice Assessment and Strategy Session with me. In the first part of the session we will be going over the Assessment to determine what stage you are in your Holistic Practice Development and to help you uncover the blocks that have been holding you back (without knowing your blocks you will run around and around in circles for a LONG time.)

In the second part of the session we will begin to release the blocks that have been holding you back and develop a step by step plan for your to powerfully move forward in your Holistic Practice. This session is recorded and I mail you a MP3 copy of it–so you can listen to it again—we cover A LOT in the session and the recording will help you absorb all the important information that I will share with you.  You will get insights and feedback that will help you get unstuck and moving forward quickly

3. A 20 minute follow up session is scheduled on the phone with me within 1 month of your session to see how you are doing implementing the plan we developed plus answer any questions that may have come up for you as you move forward in your Holistic Practice Development

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