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Thriving Therapy Practice Secrets:

5 Simple Secrets to Creating a Thriving Therapy Practice that Transforms Peoples’ Lives While Giving You More Joy, Freedom and Income!

In this valuable FREE call you will discover:

  • Simple ways to avoid becoming a slave to managed care (where you spend more time on paperwork than with your clients) this information is ESSENTIAL to know now so you can really do what you LOVE successfully and abundantly
  • How the biggest gift you have as a therapist can also be the biggest stumbling block in building your practice—and instead learn how to channel ALL of the energy of this gift into amazing success for you AND your clients
  • The difference between being a gifted therapist and being a successful therapist—unfortunately many gifted therapists aren’t also successfully creating a thriving practice they love and are not helping the many, many people they are meant to help

How to Add the Leading Edge, Most In Demand Modality to Your Therapy Practice –

So You Can Accelerate the Healing of Your Clients and the Growth of Your Business!

In this valuable FREE call you will discover:

  • The key reasons why your clients are needing something different now—and what you can do to respond to what they are desperately needing the most
  • The top 3 desires of your clients and how you can help them quickly achieve these desires—leading to happy, fulfilled clients who are SO EXCITED to refer you to others
  • More about the fastest growing type of Therapy that clients are clamoring for (and are willing to pay for)

Shelley Riutta’s FREE VIDEO COURSE

Thriving Therapy Practice Video Training Series: “How to Create the Thriving Therapy Practice of Your Dreams”

In this FREE video course you’ll learn:

  • How to shift burnout and overwhelm to Ease and Joy (you deserve this and your clients deserve this)
  • Specific Tips to uplevel your practice so you are helping more clients, working less and making more money
  • Help you understand your unconscious money blocks and how these blocks are holding you and your clients back
  • How to use the most powerful tool you have to grow your business- and it is right under your nose!

Holistic Practice Breakthrough:

5 Steps to Create a Thriving Holistic Practice in 2012 – Attracting Ideal Clients, Transforming more Lives – while giving you more Joy, Freedom and Income

In this valuable FREE call you will discover:

  • Why setting a strong foundation for your Practice is more important than ever–and what is ESSENTIAL to know now so you can really do what you LOVE successfully and abundantly


  • Learn the four ways your business is intimately connected to your Soul Path and how understanding this will give you instant confidence to step out in a bigger way in your practice
  • 4 powerful tips on how LOVE can skyrocket your Practice (Yes- Love!)

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