5 Tips to Make this Your Best Summer Ever (and build your Holistic Business at the same time!)

As a Holistic Business owner

you get that every area of your life

is connected.

To have a truly successful Holistic Business you need to be feeding your Spirit by having plenty of fun.  Fun is food for the Soul.  The more you are feeding your Spirit with fun, the easier and faster your will develop your business because:

  1. You will be more energized
  2. Amazing new, creative ideas for your business will come to you as you are going down the waterslide at the water park
  3. The fun keeps you light and connected to your Spirit so divine ideas will more easily flow to you that will help you make the best decisions to successfully grow your business
  4. The more time you give yourself to play when you do go back to work you will be much more focused and productive
  5. Your energy will be more joyful and expansive making you much more attractive to your ideal clients

Now is the time to get out your calendar and start planning the things that you love to this summer so you can have fun AND grow your Holistic Business.

5 Tips to make this your best summer

(and build your Biz at the same time):

1. Get clear about what you want-What are your intentions for the summer.  Do you need a summer with lots of relaxation–lying in a hammock reading a favorite book?  Do you need a summer with adventure–traveling to places you have always wanted to travel to?

Do you need a summer filled with fun times with the people you love?  Are you drawn to more solitude or connection with others?  You might want a mix of all of the above.  Get clear about what you would really love for your summer.   The more you set your intention and then plan right now–the more you will fulfill your dreams for your best summer yet.

2. Take 100% responsibility for your happiness this summer.  It is your job to create the summer you would like—it is in no one else’s hands.  Do not make your good times reliant on someone else.  If you want to travel and your partner does not want to–find someone else to go with–or go on your own.

Let go of the false belief that you are selfish if you focus on your own happiness and take action to create it.  You are actually being self-responsible when you do this.  It is our job to create as much happiness for ourselves as possible.  You have the capability of transforming those around you by your own happiness.

3. Put it on your schedule NOW- Get your calendar out and plan these fun events now.
Nothing will happen unless you take action and schedule it. Connect with your friends and/or family and make a plan.  And again if you can’t find someone to join you on your adventure–plan it on your own.

4. Don’t back down–Take a stand for your fun.  Don’t let pressure from others make you back down from what you really want to do.  Stay firm on your intentions for your summer and let go of others reactions-their reactions have more to do with them then you.  You will be amazed at how great you will feel when you follow through with your plan.

5. Connect with the little kid inside of you–If you have a hard time thinking of things that you would love to do, tune into the little kid inside of you.  This part of you has a ton of ideas for fun things to do.  Thing like: riding your bike, going out for ice cream, riding on a Ferris wheel, going water-skiing, sleeping outside on a warm summer night.

Ideas of Fun things to DO
*Take a day trip to a state park and walk/bike in the woods
*Attend a summer festival
*Go to the beach
*Go camping
*Take a road trip with no destination
*Go to see music outdoors

*Go to a drive in movie–yes they still have them:)
*Go to a water park or amusement park  (they are for big kids too 🙂)
*Go dancing

I would love to hear your plans for the summer.  You can post this below in the blog.

6 Responses to 5 Tips to Make this Your Best Summer Ever (and build your Holistic Business at the same time!)
  1. Writing Rockstar Jessi
    July 5, 2012 | 4:43 pm

    A woman does well with a little get away. Therefore, I will be taking a vacation in the summer months, to rejuvenate by utilizing the “fun” strategy. If it isn’t fun, there’s no point in doing it.

    Thank you for connecting with your audience. As always, it’s greatly appreciated.

  2. Philip
    July 5, 2012 | 4:45 pm

    Putting fun back into your funding of your lifestyle is not being selfish because as Einstein said “You can not solve the problems you came here to do – if you are thinking at the same level as the level of thought that created the problem.”
    Laughter & love are the most powerful ways to raise your level of thinking.
    Successful people have developed a habit of putting money into a play fund that they plan to send every month on things that make them feel wealthy as well as putting money into asset building funds, saving for a large happy experience, lifelong learning etc so they can overcome their adopted beliefs about money being hard, evil, dirty,a source of pain, for others not them

  3. Sylvia Poareo
    July 5, 2012 | 8:15 pm

    Thank you Shelley! I am having so much FUN in Maui right now and experiencing once more that self-care is extremely loving and helps us access our divine birthright of peace and joy. In addition to the FUN, simply SLOWING down is a great healer as well. Here’s to playful, summer fun as a gift to us all and the world!

  4. SR-GAHP
    July 5, 2012 | 10:07 pm

    Hi Sylvia-
    So great to hear from you! LOVE that you are in Maui right now–how delightful–and yes you are right slowing down is also a beautiful way to connect with our Spirit as well.

    Love and Blessings-

  5. SR-GAHP
    July 5, 2012 | 10:14 pm

    Hi Philip-

    I totally agree. SO much negative associations people have with money. Great idea to support shifting that.
    I really appreciate you sharing!

    Love and Blessings-


  6. SR-GAHP
    July 5, 2012 | 10:16 pm

    Hi Jessi-

    Good to hear from you:) So awesome you are taking time off this summer. Will be neat to see what unfolds for you from your time offQ

    Love and Blessings-


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