Holistic Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kerry Geocaris

The timing of me taking the 90-day Holistic Business Breakthrough Coaching Program couldn’t have been more perfect. It was exactly what I needed after completing my Certification. I gained so much through the process. Everything seems to be coming together now. I am now absolutely clear on my mission and it has helped me to “keep it simple” and it laid the foundation for my elevator speech. It was the missing piece for me as I was struggling with how to “tell my story” and now when I tell people my condensed version of my mission, they immediately want more. It has made me more excited and helped me overcome my fears along the way.


I absolutely love the ideal client work because I used to just take on clients because I needed the money. I have learned to set boundaries and be up front with people. What is interesting is I have even told people that they aren’t my ideal client and it is almost making them work to be my ideal client because they “want” to be now.  Getting clear on my elevator speech was so powerful. When I ran my speech past a friend of mine who would be an ideal client she said “Oh my God, that is exactly what I need!”.


This program totally paved the way for things to really happen. We are in the process of producing a mini-documentary on my story and the video we have is going to provide endless amounts of content that can be used. It also forced me to write my script for my first tele-seminar and I will be practicing with Audio Acrobat this week and then the plan is to have it as part of my website launch and then available for download.  I finished my “free assessment” offer and am almost done with my free ebook that I will be offering as well.


I am very happy that I had this program because it forced me to work through things in a systematic way.  I know that when my website launches it is going to be SIMPLY MARVELOUS!!! Thanks Shelley!


Kerry Geocaris, GCHC

Holistic Business Name: Simply Kerry

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