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My Surprise Labyrinth Sunset Walk

This weekend was a special weekend because my Sweetie and I were celebrating our year Anniversary. He surprised me with a sunset ritual of walking the Labyrinth together in a beautiful place in the woods I had not seen before. It was magical and very special. His thoughtfulness of thinking of something to honor and…

We Have a Passion for Holistic Healing

Today I spent time with one of my younger Sisters , Nessa (she is to the left in this picture). We both share a passion for Holistic Healing so we updated each other on what we have been learning and studying lately. She has been studying Homeopathy for many years and uses it with her…

My New York City Workshop

Last weekend I went to New York City for the first time for a Workshop. It was amazing. I ended up enjoying the vibrancy and earthiness of the city. I met some incredible people and saw some amazing sites. Here I am with my new friends 🙂 I hope you are having some summer adventures….

We Hosted a Tai Chi Teacher

I hope you are having an amazing week! We had a busy weekend hosting my sweetie’s Tai Chi teacher who was in town to teach a weekend Workshop. His teacher is Chen Huxian who was born in Chen Village in China which is the birthplace of Tai Chi. She started learning Tai Chi from her…

A Beautiful Day at The Botanical Gardens

We were in Northern Wisconsin last weekend visiting friends over the July 4th weekend. We spent the afternoon on one day at the Botanical Gardens in Green Bay, WI. (Above is one of the photos I took from the day). I was with my Sweetie and my friend Michael. We had such a deep, soulful…

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