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The success of GAHP is based on positive referrals from caring and sharing people just like YOU! Are you ready to create a “win-win-win” for you, for GAHP and for the people you refer to our GAHP Membership, Programs and Certification Trainings? Great! Then let’s get started.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate, and get your affiliate link.

Step 2: Refer GAHP programs and products to the people who know, like and trust you (colleagues, friends and clients). They’ll appreciate YOU as a valued source of information about GAHP programs and products that will help them create greater success building their Holistic Practice in the easy and graceful way and YOU’ll love receiving handsome checks for just passing the word!

Step 3: Your referrals make a purchase using your affiliate link (with your unique affiliate number imbedded).

Step 4: When the sale is made you get a referral fee (affiliate payment)!

What could be an easier way to make money?

Let me answer a few questions you may have:

“How much can I receive, and how often?”

This varies by product or program but it’s in my interest to make it worth YOUR while. Oftentimes the promotions pay as much as 25%. For example if you refer someone to GAHP and they become a GAHP Member you will receive a $100 affiliate commission!

Unlimited earning potential. The more that you refer, the more that you get to put in your purse (or wallet)!

Payments are paid monthly. Minimum payout amount is $25. Log in to your account to track your sales 24/7.

“What will I be promoting, and how?”

When you join my Affiliate Circle Program, you get access to our Affiliate Circle Resource Center. Log in to see your:

  • Statistics on the links your referrals have clicked on.
  • Links to all of our products and programs.
  • Reports of your earnings and pay-outs.
  • Overviews of each of our products and programs.
  • Graphics for promoting our programs to your contact base.
  • Promotional text to use in your email broadcasts, newsletters, and on your website.

“Who is eligible to become an affiliate?”

You may become an affiliate program partner if you follow this ONE guideline: Use ethical practices while promoting GAHP Programs and Trainings (no spamming! – sending emails to people who do not want to receive them), or advertising GAHP on websites with offensive content.

Ready to get started?

Yes,  I want to become a valued member of your Affiliate Circle. SIGN ME UP RIGHT NOW!
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Tips for Affiliate Circle Sign-up Success!

We know that some of you are new to being an affiliate, and even though it is easy, it helps to know the steps, and where to go for what. We’re hoping that these tips will make this simple for you.

STEP 1: Easy sign up

Here’s the link: Sign up to be part of my valued Affiliate Circle.
Just fill out the form with your contact information, and press the link to join (GAHP Affiliate terms and conditions).

STEP 2: Receive confirmation email

Look for a confirmation email from me. You’ll want to print this email, or save it in a special place. It contains three pieces of information that you’ll need later:

1) your User Name email address

2) your unique password

3) the link to access the Affiliate Login Page

STEP 3: Sign in to get your link

Use the information in Step 2 above to sign in as an affiliate. You’ll find links just for you (with your affiliate id embedded in them).

Use these links to promote GAHP’s amazing Membership, Programs and Certification Trainings  to your clients, colleagues, and friends. When they press your unique link, the affiliate program tracks that the client came from you. When the client makes a purchase using your affiliate link, you make money too!

That’s it!

But just in case you have questions, please feel free to contact my team for assistance. They will gladly help you!

Love and Blessings-

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
Holistic Psychotherapist
Founder of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy (GAHP)

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