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GAHP Holistic Entrepreneur Spotlight: Allyson Bright

Everything has changed! Before working with Shelley, I had one online class offering. It’s an amazing class and I am still so very proud of it – but I had no idea what to do next. I now have four featured classes, a monthly subscription program, individual coaching services, and I’ve hosted live retreats. None of this would have happened without the GAHP. I am living my purpose and helping more people than ever before. I’ve also experienced so much personal growth and healing – every aspect of my life has changed. Because of this program I had started my business and was making ends meet. But I was overworked, constantly stressed, and I didn’t have a clear vision. I was undervaluing myself and my services. I wasn’t sure how to take anything to the next level, and I had no idea how to build my dreams into a sustainable, thriving business without running myself ragged.

I’ve gained so much confidence. I teach art journaling and creative classes with a focus on healing. I never thought I’d have the skills to work with individual clients, even though many of my customers were requesting it. Now that I’m a certified coach through the GAHP, I love being able to give personalized support to women. My program offerings have quadrupled and I’m able to charge more than I was before. Most importantly, I have a strong vision for the future, a plan to implement it, and a community of people to support me along the way.

When I began the Certification Program, I told Shelley that I thought I might like to do live events “someday” – little did I know I’d be doing one in just two months! But there was so much support for me. Shelley has a great workshop formula that takes a lot of the fear and guesswork out of planning an event. Plus, that one workshop brought in nearly three times what I paid for the certification program!

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and take a leap, do it! It can be so scary to take that initial step, but the changes you will bring to your life and business are priceless. Shelley is an amazing, caring mentor who is dedicated to my success. She constantly pushes me outside of my comfort zone, but always makes sure I have the resources I need to take that next step.

~Allyson Bright

Holistic Business: Determined to Shine

Spirit Can Come In Unexpected Places

Experiences of Spirit can come in unexpected places. Here is my dog Niyo meditating 🙂 Really he is just blinking his eyes shut but the picture looks so much like he is meditating that it makes me smile every time I see it. I remember years ago seeing a flyer for a Ken Wilbur audio…

The Shine Workshop Created a Manifestation Vortex

Last weekend was our SHINE Workshop where we had Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners from all over travel to join us. I was teaching about using speaking, spiritual principles and on-line marketing to grow a thriving Holistic Business. There was SO much joy and magic over the 3 days we were together. People were…

5 Ways the Universe is on Your Side

“The Divine, the Universe is on your side, wanting you to express your greatness full out—expressing your Love, your Creativity, and your Joy. Release your greatness now “ ~Shelley Riutta As you are growing your Holistic Business it is like giving birth to your spiritual baby, which is your Divine Purpose. Through the process of birthing…

Shine Workshop

Join Me For 3 Days This October so I can personally help you break through your barriers so you can really “Shine” to your Ideal Clients and Skyrocket your Holistic Business You will Learn my 5 Step System to Shine Your Light and Skyrocket Your Holistic Business PLUS -How to Build Your Speaking Platform both…

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