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The First Time I Promoted a Workshop

Over the Holidays I was looking at old photos with my Mom and this one brought back so many memories. It was in the early days of Radiant Life Counseling. I was speaking at a day long women’s conference. I had two presentations I gave that day and filled two of my upcoming transformational workshops from those talks.

I remember it was the first time I was promoting a Workshop when I gave a presentation– so I planned out the process to offer for people to sign up for the upcoming Workshops. I was so surprised when so many people signed up. I remember thinking “Is this REALLY happening!”. I had one woman even run after me after I left the presentation!

Everything I did leading up to the presentation–all of my preparations were worth it. Because of that I was able to help SO many more people transform because they had the opportunity to come the Workshop. It was one of those moments when I really got the deeper spiritual impact of heart-centered soulful marketing.

There is one foundational piece of growing your Holistic Biz that can never be neglected if you want to create amazing success…. and that is having fun! In this article, I show you 5 Ways to Increase the Fun and Profits in your Holistic Business!

Upcoming Level 4 Holistic Certification Program

This past weekend my sweetie and I were on the East Coast for an amazing Training. I was doing the Training for my own personal growth and transformation but I was also doing research on an aspect of what I will be teaching in our upcoming Level 4 Holistic Certification Program that we will be…

Cat and Kevin have Beautiful Visions

Last weekend we had Retreats for the Members of our Holistic Business School. We have the most amazing Therapists, Healers, Coaches and Health Practitioners from all over. Here is Cat Guthrie and Kevin Spath who are a couple who are both in the Rising Star Program. They both have beautiful visions for bringing their immense…

Tour Stops in 2018

I am over the moon excited because we are going on Tour in 2018. At our Shine Workshop at the start of October people had such transformational experiences that my team decided “We need to take this on the road” so more people can have this powerful experience. We are planning Tour Dates at different…

A Birthday Celebration!

This last week we celebrated my Sweetie’s Birthday. I celebrate how much joy this dear man has brought to my life. He cares about our Clients as much as I do and shares so generously his gifts with me and them. Thank you Sweetie for being such a bright, loving light to me and the…

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